Destiny 2`s Control Mode Details

New Control Mode Revealed

Bungie have confirmed that the popular player versus player mode from Destiny is back in Destiny 2, and is being revamped – This has come with some big changes.

For example, matches will now begin with teams controlling points from the off, and the whole idea of having to capture a point by getting to it appears to no longer be a thing. In an interview with IGN, Bungie have appeared to focus on different areas and providing a more sped up version of 4v4 gameplay.

Other focuses of the game that gave changed include shorter matches than before, all congregating on one point will not increase the capture time, and rather more controlling all points will speed up your points.

The following trailer was released yesterday:

The beta for Destiny 2 starts next week, so if you`ve pre-ordered the game already, you`re in luck and you`ll get access. An open Beta will be on offer later on for you to feast into too.

Are you looking forward to it? Have you pre-ordered it? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Brian George 20th July 2017

    I ‘m guessing from the way the camera was panning that the video was from the PC version. It all looks great but far too similar to the first game that you barely notice the difference.

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