FIFA 11 – The Big Weekender

This Friday sees the release of FIFA 11. For those of you who are lucky enough to get it ealrier then you better get practising for this coming weekend as its gonna be a good un.

On Friday night AG with christen the birth of FIFA 11 with its TFI Friday Cup tournament. The TFI is a 1 vs 1 tournament where all members compete in a knock-out tournament. Sign up will be open at 7.30pm in the forums and we will be kicking of the first round of games at 9pm. There is currently a theme poll which is on the Shoutbox page for members to vote on. A final poll will be put up on Friday based on the overall winner of the current poll.

Saturday night sees the return of the FIFA 10 vs 10 to AG. For those who haven’t taken part before, the 10 vs 10 is a multplayer event where teams are decided by 2 random captains for the night. Each captains takes turns in picking a member who has signed up. There will be a selection of teams to be used for the event and they will be off fairly equal rating. The first captain to lead his team to 5 wins will be the winner and his team will be crowned the first AG FIFA 11 Champions.

Finally on Sunday night we will be hosting a 2 vs 2 event. Again sign up will be open at 7.30pm and Kick off will be at 9pm. Members we be allocated  a random partner and they will battle it out in a competition to be crowned 2 vs 2 champions. Format for this will depends on the amount of members who sign up.

On top of all that I will be setting up the AbosluteGaming FIFA Club as soon as I get the game. No doubt once the above events are finished we will be showing off our new Virtual Pros. If you wish to have a club invite then chuck a PM over and ill send you the invite.

All of the above is a great way for new members to get active on the site ready for the FIFA 11 leagues. Its also a good chance to earn that scudo for your new league teams.

Hope to see you all this weekend and make the FIFA 11 home coming a good one.{jcomments on}

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