Iron Crypticle Announced – Releases This Week

Iron Crypticle launches this week

This week will see a brand new ID game join the market, and it comes in the form of Iron Crypticle by Tikipod Ltd. It looks a little bit different and another game that has joined the 8-bit world of ID games.

“To survive past the Guardians of each floor, you’ll need to upgrade your abilities! Speed, Damage, Fire Rate and Weapon Duration can all be upgraded either from shops or through careful chaining of food pickups.

Most enemies drop a food item (cake, sweets, fast-food, fruit…). You must try to balance chain-collecting these, against fighting off the hordes of enemies.

Route selection is very important too, with each floor made up of a branching system of different rooms. Each room type has their advantages and disadvantages – plus with each playthrough the rooms all shift about and reform, just to keep you on your toes!

To aid you on your quest there are a range of weapons, magical scrolls and items to unlock. For close combat emergencies you can rely on your dash move for a quick escape, or activate your Atomic Fist to punch a hole in the enemy ranks.

Be sure to visit the cat merchant to see what is on offer. Or try the arcade room to earn extra coins and health. You can play solo or up to 4 player local CO-OP; either way you`ll find the crypts run deep with many secrets to uncover on your adventures in IRON CRYPTICLE.

Summary of the games key features include:

  • Battle the crypt monsters and large bosses by yourself, or up to 4 player local Co-Op.
  • Carefully select your own route – through the mysterious, ever changing palace crypts.
  • Unlock and fight with a myriad of weapons, magic scrolls and items.
  • Gobble tasty foods and grab shiny treasures to increase your XP.
  • Upgrade your abilities if you want to survive the lower crypt floors.
  • Chaining collecting items or go shopping to upgrade SPEED, DAMAGE, FIRE RATE and WEAPON DURATION.
  • Collect coins, then shop for new items in the cat merchant shops.
  • Seek out arcade rooms, and play `Castle Crushers` to win prizes.
  • Dash through enemies to both evade and harm them.
  • Collect charges for your Atomic Fist, able to clear away small areas of enemies.
  • Uncover more of the crypts secrets on each playthrough!

Iron Crypticle launches on Xbox One 12th July so be sure to check it out!

Price: £7.19

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