Meet The Team

Marcus Jones

Site Owner
Founder & creator of the Absolutegaming network.

Ash Cohen

My journey started back on the Original Xbox 15 years ago, and from that black box many memories were made. Jumping into the original Ghost Recon and Knights of the Old Republic bring back a truly great experience. From then, my love continued to the Xbox 360 and some great classics including Call of Duty Modern Warfare and GTA IV as two of my favorites. Now, I spend my evenings in the Xbox Live community on Xbox One playing pretty much anything and everything. When I`m not gaming, I spend my time wrapped up in a film.

Steven Millward

Content Creator
From a very young age I have been welded to a PC or a console of some description. My love of gaming goes all the way back to the the early 80's when my Dad/Head Geek bought himself an Atari 2600 and then a ZX81 a few years later. I can't think of a console I haven't owned but I've been on my Xbox odyssey since 2002 and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Brian George

I can trace my love of gaming all the way back to the Vic 20 and waiting with fingers crossed for Jetpac to load from a tape cassette, so I guess you could politely call me a 'mature gamer.' I've seen consoles come and go but been with Xbox since the start, and now in my 10th year on XBL. I'm a big fan of sports games and also always on the lookout for a good RPG where you can spend hours distracted by a interesting side quest. When not gaming I enjoy team sports, and appreciate the seaside and a pub beer garden on a summers evening.

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