Gameplay 4
Controls 4
Graphics 5
Difficulty 4
Longevity 4

I want you to picture something for me. You`re in a dark room, with no lights. It`s very cold and eerie, and something doesn’t feel right. You hear a knock at the door and decide to hide under a bed. Someone comes in with a torch searching the room, muttering something again and again. Thinking ..

Summary 4.2 great
Gameplay 4
Controls 4
Graphics 3
Difficulty 4
Longevity 4
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Summary 3.8 good

Outlast 2 Review

I want you to picture something for me. You`re in a dark room, with no lights. It`s very cold and eerie, and something doesn’t feel right. You hear a knock at the door and decide to hide under a bed. Someone comes in with a torch searching the room, muttering something again and again. Thinking the coast is clear, you get up and leave the room, when you turn around and BANG. Someone is standing right in front of you, and you`ve been jumped out your skin. I want you to join me, as over the past few days, I`ve had the chance to take on Outlast 2 by Red Barrel Studios. Come and join me, as we jump into the 2nd instalments to one of the deepest and darkest game franchises.

Outlast 2 is developed and published by Red Barrel Studios, and was released at the end of April, for Xbox One. It`s a sequel to the 2013 hit Outlast, and puts you into the role of Blake, a journalist who is travelling with his wife Lynn and scouring around the desert of Arizona, to investigate the murder of a pregnant woman. After an early crash leaves Blake and Lynn separated, Blake must now find his wife, while also finding out the truth about the villagers, who believe their end of days are coming and are estranged, and finding out what happened to the murder of “Jane Doe”.

The game is a first person survival horror, and very similar to the first Outlast, the game very much focuses on surviving and using hiding spots. Blake cannot fight, and you`ll need to use stealth tactics to sneak around the village and to escape out of tricky spots. It`s going to be a game that you`re going to want to play through slowly and calmly. Outlast 2, just like Outlast, is full of jump-scares, so be prepared. It`s these types of games that I really, really enjoy playing, and Outlast 2 is full of them, whether that’s visually or through the use of sound, it does it very well, and it really creates an eerie atmosphere. Stick your headphones in and turn the game volume up, turn the lights out and you`re really going to be in for some experience.

Across the game, you`re going to need to collect bandages that you`ll use to heal yourself and act as med-packs throughout the game. If you die, then you`ll respawn at the last check-point. Aswell as bandages to collect, you`ll also need to collect batteries for your camera. The video camera will be one of the biggest assets in the game, as you`ll be able to turn it on and use night vision, and this is vital for some of the darker areas where there is no light. You`ll also use the camera to film certain areas where something may have happened, and you can go into your footage inventory and watch back through the videos and find out a bit more of the story that it doesn’t indulge into through the main play-through. Along with that, you`ll come across a range of items that`ll also help you understand the story better. These will include letters and photos just to name a few. Pick up and read everything and watch too, as it will give you a better understanding of the story.

It`s always nice to see a game that really goes for it graphically too, and especially during the cut-scenes, some of it looks absolutely beautiful. Of course, I know that most games are judged based on their gameplay rather than the way they look, and just because they look beautiful doesn’t mean that the game is great. But, it really is a great addition when something is stunning, and mixed with a very good game, you`re always going to be in for something treat.

But what I really love about this game is the story is a very good one, and you never really know what`s going to come next. I`ve played horror games in the past where you could sort of tell by the atmosphere and the sound that something was going to come around or jump out of you. That’s completely the opposite within Outlast, and there were many times where I sat to myself and didn’t see something coming and gave me a complete shock. If you do what I did and do the headphone method that I talk about earlier in the review, then good luck. Don’t play before bed time is all I`ll say.

Overall, Outlast 2 is a game that after playing the first, I`ve really looked forward to and really enjoyed playing. Red Barrel Studios have done incredibly well again, and if you have a very atmospheric and good game on your hands. So, grab your headphones, turn the game volume up, and turn off the lights, and you have the complete horror experience.

Thank you to XCN for supplying us with a review copy of Outlast 2.

Developer: Red Barrel Studios

Publishers: Red Barrel Studios

Website: Outlast 2

Twitter: @TheRedBarrels

Price: £23.99

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