Season 2 final roundup

Let me start, if I may, with a big thanks to all members for making Season 2 a cracking few months of FIFA gaming. The majority of fixtures were played on time and even though there were a couple of ‘small’ disagreements, most games were played in good spirit. Also, many thanks go out to ..

A Heavenly Partnership

This week saw AbsoluteGaming hold another successful 2v2 Tournament. The Teams were as follows: Team 1 – AdamBell and RyanMunro Team 2 – Sam635 and Aaronc333 Team 3 – RossiH and Dazzerrazzer Team 4 – Wintz and Jonboyo  

Twice in 1 week??

Its not been a good week in Aaronc333’s FIFA career. 1st he lost his AGS Cup crown to AdamBell1 and now his winning streak in International Dominator has been ended by Bring it 007. This was the 8th game in AC’s dominator run, he was looking to beat the record set by EasyEazy who aaronc333 ..

Adam Nicks AC’s Crown

Saturday nights 10 v 10 captain continued his winning start to his AG career by winning last nights AGS Cup. The last few months have seen the AGS Cup dominated by Aaronc333 however last night that run came to an end. Adambell1 coolly dispatched the current champ in the first round by winning 1-0 with ..

Adam Has A Ding Dong And Calls Time on Ryan!

AG’s FIFA 10 vs 10 pitted 2 of the sites young guns against each other. AdamBell1 and RyanMunro1 went head to head on Saturday night. Its was the battle of the Scots and a match vs 2 rivals. Friendship was out the window. This was war! The team picks brought up a few surprises to ..

TFI Friday Cup Information

Welcome to the TFI Friday Cup The TFI Friday Cup is a one night tournament which is held on FIFA 10. The TFI Friday Cup is open to all members and is an ideal opportuniy for new members to get involved in what AG has to offer. AG hosts the TFI Friday Cup every 2 ..

Eazy Does It!

The AG Tiger Tour has finally come to a close. After months of playing across various courses around world we have our winner. The AG Tiger Tour format was for members to play across 6 courses on Tiger Woods 2010 with the winner being decided on the least amount of shots taken across all 6 ..

363 Has His Revenge!

Forza Motorsport 3 took pride of place for AG’s Friday night event. It was the very first one night event we had hosted on Forza and it was a great success. Races we held across a variety of tracks with car class restrictions on each track. Circuit De Catalunya – National – 3 Laps – ..

International League 2 update

Credit goes to all the players in this league, 7 out of the 10 teams are bang up to date with their matches while 2 others are only 2 matches behind – WELL DONE! Emotional Worm has nearly wrapped up the title and should do that after his next round of fixtures, a cracking season ..

International League 1 update

With only 4 more games to be played there is still lots to be played for in this league, 4 teams are still in with a shout for winning the title. Aaron leads the way with the points on the board, but if Kid and Easy wins their games in hand there will be a ..

Dominator – The low down on the number one show down!

Dominator Update Time This is the 1st of many updates on how both Club & international Dominator is going. Will be keeping you up-to-date with the comings and goings and more importantly if anyone reaches the target of 15wins and takes home the MS points that are currently being offered. Since the reward was offered ..

How To Join

Below is a guide on the best way to gaining yourself a league place here at AG.   Register Your Interest Start a new thread in the League Sign Up Forum. Declaring your interest in the leagues. Play League Entry Matches Make the effort to play some of the league members in some league entry ..

Rudeboy Leaves Them Eating Dust!

AG has just completed is very first Forza Motorsport Tourament. It was a huge success with members battling it out to be crowned the first ever AG Forza King. The initial setup was a Forza league with races based on a home and away format. The home member would pick the car class and track ..

AG FIFA Season 2 Kick Off

First of all a huge welcome to our new members here on AG. We hope you enjoy your stay on AG and get the best gaming experience possible. After a hugely successful first season on FIFA 10 our new season is now under way. The AG auction was one of the most exciting affairs since ..

Congrats to……..

Our winners in Season 1!! AG Club 1 Winner – Kraven90 (Vitesse) AG Club 1 Runnerup – Truplaya86 (Vitoria FC) AG Club 2 Winner – EasyEazy (Hearts) AG Club 2 Runnerup – oKid UKo (Crystal Palace) AG Club League Cup Winner – Neil363 (Montpellier)