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Swing with The Golf Club 2 You know I do love a good golf game. Over the years we`ve seen countless instalments to EA Sports Tiger Woods franchise, before the switch in the last few years to Rory McIlroy and the legacy of the PGA Tour games. However, a few years ago, another golf game ..

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The Golf Club 2- Xbox One Review

Swing with The Golf Club 2

You know I do love a good golf game. Over the years we`ve seen countless instalments to EA Sports Tiger Woods franchise, before the switch in the last few years to Rory McIlroy and the legacy of the PGA Tour games. However, a few years ago, another golf game came to the market and that came in the form of The Golf Club developed by HB Studios. A game that I lost a lot of hours into wondering away with my golfer into the range of courses. Well, three years later we`re seeing the release of their newest instalment, and it comes in the form of The Golf Club 2. Is it going to live up to the same enjoyment of the first? Is it going to be seen as a true rival to PGA? In my opinion, absolutely.

The Golf Club 2 is developed by HB Studios and published by Maximum Games and is released this week for Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers. The Golf Club 2 is a sequel to the first instalment of the franchise that released three years ago, and throughout the game, you`ll have the opportunity to jump straight into a game and a walk around one of 19 official TGC courses, or go around one that has been created by another member of TGC community, Jump into a season where you have complete control over everything, or jump into a society and play with friends. I will expand on each of these later in the review.

After booting up The Golf Club 2 we are given an immediate tutorial where we are introduced to some of the controls within the game. From here we`re going to be able to get use to how to swing, what club to use where, how to get the pitch right, and set up the controls which we`re going to find the easiest to use. Starting off with the basics before moving onto the advanced shots are going to be on offer in the tutorial, and for a new player going through the tutorial is going to be quite vitally important, as you`ll want to jump into a course with some understanding, but if you`ve played The Golf Club, then most of the controls are very similar and haven’t changed an awful lot – So you can skip the tutorial, but you may want a refresh. You also have the option within the game to take your practice to some green ranges, and practice that swing or that putt. So you can practice your swing and movement before heading out to the course.

After completing the tutorial, the first thing I wanted to indulge straight into was one of the courses on offer to put it all to use, and boy, you`re going to have a good range to get stuck into. There are 19 official TGC courses for you to get stuck (Courses created by HB Studios) and alongside that, you also have the option to play around courses that have been created by fellow golfers, giving you that true range of courses to get stuck into, and of course, over time, the more and more courses you`re going to see out there to get involved with that have been created, and who knows- People might even play your course! Wind Speeds will be selected as part of the course so it is literally a case of jumping straight into the round. You can change the different match types however of the course which depending on whether you`re playing with someone or on your own, you`d do so accordingly. Alongside the option to jump in, you have the option to create your own seasons. You can decide what you`re going to call it, how many events you are going to have in the season, and how many rounds you`re going to have per event. Are you going to have 9 events with 2 rounds per event? You`re going to be in for a long season- You have complete control over the setup, and you can decide how long you`re going to want to make it. You then will have the option to decide which difficulty you want to play at (The higher the difficulty, the much better the AI players are and the more challenge you`ll have) and after creating your season, it`s time to jump in.

One of the newest features and for me, one of the most exciting features that has been added to The Golf Club 2 is the addition of Societies. These are club-based lobbies, where you can set up a society and after completely customizing it (Including the name, the type of society you are, whether you`re a closed (Need an invite) or open society and even choosing the clubroom colors) you can then set up timed events for your members to get into. You have complete control. This is something that`s quite exceptional if you like to run events between your friends to see who can get the best score – it`ll put their score into a leaderboard and as I said they can be timed events – Meaning that you can set them up to finish on a certain date. It`s quite a cool feature that could be used fantastically well amongst your friends.

Alongside the three modes I`ve mentioned, you have the return of the course creator from the first game, and in The Golf Club 2, you`re going to have more customization than before. From the terrain to the buildings that appear throughout your course, you have complete control to make it as easy or as brutal as you want. You can then upload these and other people and friends will be able to take their clubs to your course. I had lots of fun exploring and customizing the course and seeing what`s on offer to play with – If you loved the course designer from the first instalment, then you`re going to love this.

Within The Golf Club 2, you`re going to notice that some parts of the game look stunning. It`s a shame that there isn’t a consistency throughout the game as some parts look incredibly similar to the last instalment, so graphically the game hasn’t had too much in terms of improvements, but some of the areas look stunning, most notably for me, some of the lakes look amazing. It`s always nice to see when a game stands out graphically and although I`ve always maintained that the graphics within a game are not the sole focus and shouldn’t be, it is always nice when you are playing a game that looks nice. And although The Golf Club 2 doesn’t do it throughout, some parts of the game are going to be look gorgeous.

I must admit, I`ve really enjoyed and enjoying my time with The Golf Club 2. We`ve seen PGA dominate for several years, and when The Golf Club came out it was almost like a breath of fresh life and something else to rival up against PGA tour. It`s no-where had near the same sort of experience as PGA, but what we do have, is another golf game on the market that is really, really enjoyable, and for me, I see as a more realistic experience. To be able to go onto a course and play through with the crowd cheering and reacting to your shots and being around is something I really enjoy playing. The Golf Club 2 is a realistic and great golfing experience, and is well worth a pickup this week for all you keen golfers.


Developer: HB Studios

Publisher: Maximum Games

Website: The Golf Club

Twitter: @thegolfclubgame

Price: £29.99

Review code supplied by Dead Good Media

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