AbsoluteXbox are looking for a new staff reviewer!

We are looking for a new Game/News writer

AbsoluteXbox is looking for gamers that are interested in reviewing the latest Xbox One games. A passion for gaming is paramount, because writing can shine with good editing, but no matter how well written an article about video games is, it will always be subpar if the writer has no passion for gaming.

Reviewers Expectations

  • You need to demonstrate your ability to write a review of a length 500+ words before you will be accepted.
  • Reviewers have seven (7) days to review any games they are given..
  • Reviews must not be plagiarized.
  • Reviewers are held to bias-free standards at all times.
  • Your writing style can be lighthearted, angry, funny, emotionally distraught, and everything in-between
  • Willing to learn the ropes, learn SEO skills and improve your skill
  • Game codes and peripherals for you to test and review, once you prove yourself.

In addition to reviews, it is expected that you will contribute to adding news articles to the website. It is expected that you`ll do a minimum of two per week, but preferably more than that.

Please note that this is not a paid position, but obviously you will be able to keep the content you review, ranging from ID titles to AAA titles (After a probationary period)

Still interested and want to find out more?

Please send an email to with the following: [email protected]

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