AbsoluteXbox are looking for two new reviewers!

We are looking for two news writers to join our team

We are on the lookout for two new reviewers to join our team here at AbsoluteXbox. A passion for gaming is paramount, because writing can shine with good editing, but no matter how well written an article about video games is, it will always be subpar if the writer has no passion for gaming.

Reviewer Expectations:

  • You will need to demonstrate your ability to write a review of at least 500 words before you will be accepted.
  • Reviewers have 7 days to write reviews at the point of receiving codes (There will be leanway when there are multiple codes)
  • Reviews must not be plagiarized
  • Reviewers are always held to a bias-free standard
  • Your writing style can be light-hearted, angry, funny, emotionally distraught, and everything-in between.
  • Willing to learn the ropes and SEO skills
  • Major AAA game codes and peripherals will be available to you once proven.


We are looking for two news writers to join the team. What this means, is that in addition to reviewing codes, you will be writing up news articles for our site: Scouring around and getting articles up for our audience. You will be expected to post a minimum of two per week.

Please note that this is not a paid position, but you will get to keep everything you review.

If you are interested and wish to find out more, please send an email to [email protected]

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