Apex Legends to bring in Solo mode for a limited time

You can go Solo for a limited time only

Apex Legends is bringing in Solos mode… for a limited time!

By far one of the most successful EA games for a long time just happens to be a game that’s free-to-play! Apex Legends, after seeing a blip in popularity for a weak Season 1 Battle Pass, came back fighting last month when it dropped Season 2. More rewards, the electrifying new character Wattson, some new Map aesthetics and building, and the introduction of the huge walking creatures and the flying Pterodactyl-like beasts that love a Death box! There is also the introduction of the Ranked Mode so season 2 just feels more exciting, more alive and players have been returning in their swathes. The newest addition to the game for Season 2 albeit just for 2 weeks, will be a Solos mode, which will no doubt bring a new level of competitiveness in the forums and Social Media as people vie for bragging rights!

Announcing the event on Twitter, The Iron Crown Collection will start on August 13th and run until August 27th with the theme being “Only one can wear the crown!”

A number of big-name streamers and E-Sports competitors are already laying down the gauntlet on Social Media! The general response to the post is also very positive with a lot already screaming for Solos to be a permanent feature… (and plenty of jokes about already running solo when your team-mates lurch you!) It’s safe to assume that this is not a new idea on Respawn’s Apex Legends idea board, but whether this is just a Limited Time Event or a trial for a permanent Solos option, it’s too early to tell.

What I do know is that Bloodhound and I will be out there trying to get as many solo ‘W’s as we can in the 2 week period… although I am pretty certain the final tally will be 0!!

Written by Matt Rushton

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