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Its out for six in Ashes Cricket! It`s been absolutely ages since I`ve played a cricket game. I think the last one I can recollect playing was back on the Xbox 360, and that came in the form of Brian Lara International Cricket (Remember those days? I think it was 2007) and ever since then, ..

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Ashes Cricket – Xbox One Review

Its out for six in Ashes Cricket!

It`s been absolutely ages since I`ve played a cricket game. I think the last one I can recollect playing was back on the Xbox 360, and that came in the form of Brian Lara International Cricket (Remember those days? I think it was 2007) and ever since then, we`ve either not had a cricket game come for the Xbox One (Which I think that`s the case but correct me if I`m wrong) or I`ve not been interested enough to go out and purchase one. Over the last few days however, I`ve had the chance to play Ashes Cricket, which is being developed by Big Ant Studios, and released two weeks ago on Xbox One. Focusing on the Ashes (Which if you didn’t know, is between England and Australia) was it going to be a cricket game to remember? I must say I`m really enjoying my time with it so far.

Ashes Cricket is a game that is developed by Big Ant Studios, and released in the last 2 weeks for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Offering a range of modes to get stuck into, it`s a fully authentic cricket game which can see you take control of your favourite teams and take them to the green and hit your opponents out for 6.

It`s quite interesting to see how much you have on offer through Ashes Cricket, and that`s because some of the modes offer a very expansive and long game-time in them. You have modes such as Ashes (Which focuses on the matches between Australia and England, and you can choose whether to play as the men or the women), casual matches (Where you can set up games between your favourite international sides and go straight to the green in a straight cricket game), Competition mode (Where you can select what competition you`d like to take on – there`s a number of matches for you to have a crack and play through), Career mode (Which is fully expansive – You can either take control of a recognized player or create your own, and take him way from the bottom of club level cricket to international) and more. You have so much at your disposal that if you love Cricket and enjoy playing it, then you`re going to get a lot of enjoyment and variety from the game modes.

Of course, it`s been a few years since I last played a cricket game, so straight from the off, I was into the tutorial to find out how the controls had changed from before and basically get a feel of the game. After finding out how the different batting styles would be beneficial and effective in different situations (And to get a feel for the batting which in itself is not that difficult – You have different styles such as defensive, aggressive, attacking that`ll result in hitting the ball effectively in different situations – such as the location that the ball hits the ground before coming to you) I would then find out a bit more about the bowling situations (Which again is not that difficult to pick up and it`s more about playing around in game and trying out different situations – You can have a fast bowl and then a slow bowl and add a inside or outside leg approach to it aswell  -But it`s really easy to see how to do it) and finally, having a go at fielding and working on catching a ball (Which there`s quite a good new system in place to what I`ve played before – You move the left stick and press A when you get into the circle and that catches the ball (You`ll see what I mean as you`ve probably seen something similar before) and then work on throwing the ball back at the right speed to either of the ends of the wickets (Depending on who the best person is to catch out). After playing the tutorial its time to jump into a game and find out how it fared when it came to in-game and in a match.

I must say that from the off, it looks visually amazing, and some of the greens are something else. If you`re an Xbox One X user then this game will be enhanced for you, and it`s a game that has been patched well to work on the X and looks incredible. After winning the toss and going to bat first, I was about to find out whether my practice in the tutorial at trying different hits and approaches was going to be any good. You can change before you start the game the setting of the batting and bowling in terms of the difficulty – of course, it goes without saying that the higher difficulty you set it, the more difficult the game will be in terms of the bowling and batting- You`ll find it a lot trickier to start with so you may want to wait until you`ve had practice before going for the hardest setting possible.

I got to 182 before going all out, and I was quite pleased with how it felt and how the game approached. The learning in the tutorial payed off, and the batting in the game felt good. There were times where I was hitting sixes off the park and times where I was having to play it defensively based on the bowler’s movements. A good start. It was then my turn to have a go at bowling and again, I was about to find that the tutorial helped a lot. It does take a bit of practice to be able to get the shots right but that`s what it all comes down to in a game like this. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. But the game feels good, and fluid, and that`s what I quite like about it. I don’t know if that`s because of the X enhancement or whether that`s in a normal game aswell, but the game feels good and fluid, and that`s what I like in a game. Especially in a sporting one like Ashes Cricket.

Ashes Cricket is a game that feels good, and I think is a fantastic take on a cricket game. Offering a range of modes you`re not going to find yourself getting stuck playing the same sort of game over and over again. Of course, if you`re not a cricket fan then you wouldn’t find yourself playing this regardless, but if you are a fan, and you`re an Xbox One owner, then you`re going to want to pick this up, as I think it`s probably the best cricket game we`ve seen for a while. Grab your bat and take to the green, and knock them all out for six.


Developer: Big Ant Studios

Publishers: Big Ant Studios

Price: £49.99

Review copy supplied by Lick PR


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