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Head to Egypt in Assassins Creed Origins I`m a huge lover of the Assassins Creed series. Some people love them, and some people absolutely hate them. I remember getting into my first Assassins Creed game when it came to Assassin Creed 3 when it launched back in 2012 (I know there had been a few ..

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Assassins Creed Origins – Xbox One Review

Head to Egypt in Assassins Creed Origins

I`m a huge lover of the Assassins Creed series. Some people love them, and some people absolutely hate them. I remember getting into my first Assassins Creed game when it came to Assassin Creed 3 when it launched back in 2012 (I know there had been a few games before, but this was the first one I completed and properly got into) and I fell in love with the series. Since then, we`ve seen Black Flag released (Which I thought was good – Not better than 3 in my opinion), Unity (Remember that when it first came out? Completely unplayable – Although it has been heavily patched since and is a lot better) and two years ago we saw Syndicate come out which took us to Victorian London and the brother and sister combination of Jacob and Evie Frye. We`ve also seen a film released this year (But we won`t talk about that). This year however, Assassins Creed has gone to a completely new route and it takes back into the days of Ancient Egypt, in the newest instalment to the franchise, Assassins Creed Origins. Check out my Xbox One Review below to find out what I`ve thought of my time so far.

Assassins Creed Origins is developed and published by Ubisoft, and is the 10th instalment to the Creed series. Set during the Ptolemaic period (305BC – 30BC), it tells the story of the conflicts between the brotherhood of Assassins, and The Order of the Ancients. An open-world title, you`ll bet asked with completing a range of main missions and side missions, along with ranking up your XP level and skill level, aswell as being able to upgrade your abilities and upgrade Senu, your pet bird`s perception of the game. More will be talked about that later.

Straight from booting up the game, I was excited to see how the Origins fared with its graphics. From what I had seen on the trailer I was really looking forward to seeing it first-hand because it looked stunning and gorgeous. After going through the Menu and selecting which difficulty to play on (You can select Easy, Medium or Hard depending on your skill level – Personally I wanted to play through the game and explore everywhere without making it more difficult than it really needs to be, so I went for Easy) and we`re thrown into a Cutscene and this is where the magic starts. Oh, my word. Graphically it lives up to the hype and excitement I had around the game before it came out, and it didn’t disappoint. Areas of the map are stunning, and even outside of the Cutscenes, when you get the chance to fly around as Senu as you explore (Senu is Bayek, our main character for Origins pet bird who will help throughout the game by discovering enemies, targets that you`ll need to eliminate, and have a look around the area) you`ll notice that some of the views from his angle is gorgeous. Combine that with the Photo mode that is on offer throughout the game and you can take some spectacular pictures. And with us less than 48 hours away at the time of writing this from the Xbox One X, the world`s most powerful console and capable of 4K gaming, I cannot wait to see what enhancement Assassins Creed Origins will be getting. From early indications it sounds like it’s the best game to take advantage of the X so I`m really looking forward to seeing how it looks in 2 days’ time.

Assassins Creed Origins follows the same route that the previous Creed games have, in that it is completely open-world, meaning that you have the ability to explore the area and complete main missions, side missions, explore areas and outposts and collect items in any way you see fit. Areas will become more and more open to you the further you complete the main story missions, but even still, there is a lot to keep you going in every area that you come across. The map is absolutely huge, and you`re not going to be fully finishing this anytime soon. Completing every main mission, side mission, and collecting everything you can is going to be a gigantic job. Synchronization towers are back, and then are a few in each section that you`ll need to do, because 1) It looks quite stunning from some of them and 2) You`ll increase Senu`s perception of that area and he will be able to be more effective to you during the missions and when liberating posts. Alongside the Main missions, you have a number of side missions in each area that`ll gain you XP for completing them. You can earn XP for many ways including completing main and side missions, and liberating posts and collecting the collectibles that are in that area (When you look at your map it will tell you if there`s anything there to collect – Get this and you`ll get some of that XP needed) and you`ll know which ones are side missions and which ones are main missions. There is loads of way to collect it and many different side missions and collectibles to get in each area of the game. Exploring the area first is the best way to unlock everything in terms of knowing what side missions you have on offer for that area and posts that you`ll need to liberate and find the collectibles in (I say liberate – These are buildings and areas of the game that will have collectibles to get and to kill certain people – i.e Captains – These again will earn you more XP). Some of the missions you`ll find will become a bit too powered for you so you`ll need to put those aside until you’ve ranked up your XP level a bit more – Because you won`t be able to take down anyone that`s too powered for your level. And it` s not just killing people that you`ll need to do, because there are many animals that are going to try and cause you harm. Angry monstrous Hippos, being attacked by Vultures and being chased by a Crocodile is all going to be part of the game, and they are going to need to be dispatched the same way that you would do with an enemy.

We talk about killing people, and we`ve got to talk a little bit about the new combat system that`s apparent with Assassins Creed Origins. Your RB and RT button are now going to come very close to you, as they are now the main buttons for hacking and slashing your enemies. RB will initiate a simple attack where RT will initiate a heavy attack that will cause a little bit more damage but is slower than a simple attack. B will be your method of blocking and ducking out of the way, and although it could take a bit of time to get use to straight away, it`s something that you will get use to and is easy once you`ve played a bit of the game (You`ll probably find after the first area of the game you complete you`ll be pretty much there). Using a bow and arrow is also straight forward and easy, and it works pretty like other games in terms of using the LT to aim and the RT button to shoot. Nice and easy, and it works quite nice.

There`s an awful lot with Assassins Creed Origins which is fantastic. The story that I`ve played so far, the visual graphics in areas of the game and cutscenes and the voice acting, it simply is a well worked game, but of course, most major releases don’t release without some form of technical issues in their works. Although there`s nothing game breaking within Origins, there are a few times where the frame rate does drop and it does become rather noticeable. Hopefully when the launch of the X update comes out we might see that sorted (Or the ability to play at 60FPS) so it won`t be a bugger for everyone, but at parts of the game it does become rather easily seen. Nothing that Ubisoft can`t fix, and I`ve absolutely no doubt that they will.

So, my final verdict? Assassins Creed Origins is a game that is graphically stunning and I`d even say is probably the best Creed game that I have played in the series. The story is fantastic, there is so much to get stuck into and keep you going throughout (I mentioned earlier in the game that this is nowhere near going to be an easy game to fully complete- and when I say fully I mean 100% everything) and that` always good. It`s a fantastic game that I cannot wait to play on the X in 2 days-time, but if you`ve not already, then you`ll need to pick it up, because I truly do believe that you have got one of the top 3 games this year.

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Twitter: @Ubisoft

Price: £54.99 / £62.99 / £79.99

Review code supplied by XCN and Ubisoft






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  1. gingerneo 5th November 2017

    Currently a toss up between this and Gears 4 as to which will be the first game I play in the X. I stopped myself from playing more than the first 15 minutes of Origins to save it til Tuesday so I think it’ll likely win out

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