Attack of the Toy Tanks – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Attack of the Toy Tank

Do you remember Combat for the Atari 2600…? If you do then imagine this game as a sort of a spiritual successor. Can you be the toughest Toy Tank out there and defeat all 60 levels?

Attack of the Tanks from the outside conveys an image of a well polished IOS/Android game, even down to the music and menu system. When the game starts up, you are greeted with the simplistic main menu. This main menu offers you Play/LocalMultiplayer/Stats/Settings and that is all. Diving into the settings menu is equally as simplistic with it mainly being filled with audio options and the ability to change the control scheme.

Once you get over the UI and you take a look at the overall presentation this simplistic style fits this child’s toy style aesthetic. In a way you can imagine this game as a Toy Story meets Toy Soldiers mash up; with the colourful backgrounds and settings mixed with the explosion of the Toy Soldiers film. Like many games of this ilk there is no story it is just a gauntlet of levels until the end.

The Levels in Attack of the Toy Tanks follow very similar themes a one screen map with childrens building blocks and lego creating a play field similar to a paintball field.

You start off very simply with one enemy tank once you have navigated the field and destroyed the enemy you are met with a screen that shows the duration of the match and a skill level e.g Gold, Silver and Bronze depending on the time taken and how many shots are fired will affect what skill level you get. You are then given the option to retry for a better score or you can move onto the next level.

Overall level design is alright but after about 9+ levels you see the same assets being used over and over and can become very tedious if you are attempting to play this game in one sitting. As with level assets the enemy tanks and level traps start to repeat. Instead of some engaging gameplay like an upgrade system or picking up enemy weapons this game squanders this for a slogfest, which to me is very disappointing and a missed opportunity.

Like most games Ratalaika publish this game does contain a lot of frustrating moments and really cheap deaths. The enemies seem to have the most perfect aimlock whereas your tank seems completely incapable of hitting a barn door let alone a small toy tank. This is where most of the time taken to complete this game comes from thankfully you are able to keep replaying the level until you complete it. You can also restart the level at any point by pressing (Y).
The Controls are very simple to learn but can take a while to master. The left analog stick controls the aim and (LB) moves the Tank forward and (LT) reverses. To use the gun you have a choice of (RB), (RT) or (A). Whilst you can very quickly learn this actually executing some of the sharp turns and pinpoint maneuvers can be very frustrating as your tank does feel at times very sensitive. I feel a lot of my deaths were in fact down to the awkward driving mechanics. I can see what they were going for with the controls but I feel they did somewhat miss the mark here.

Overall if you are looking for a cheap game that is easy to get 100% of the achievements then you can not pass over this game. For many casual gamers will end up frustrated with the difficulty, I really can not recommend this game unless you are a hardened Achievement Hunter.

We would like to thank Ratalaika Games for the review code.

Written by Boouya

Developer: Petite Games
Publisher: Ratalaika Games

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