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Things around here seem to be a little Awkward! Truth be told I have never played a game like this before and probably never will again. It is the most single controversial game o have probably ever witnessed, even more so then the ever present Gran Theft Auto, and that’s saying something. This game is ..

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Awkward Xbox One Review

Things around here seem to be a little Awkward!

Truth be told I have never played a game like this before and probably never will again. It is the most single controversial game o have probably ever witnessed, even more so then the ever present Gran Theft Auto, and that’s saying something. This game is so bad it has been banned from being played for over 120 years. Now I’m sure whoever banned it is probably dead and why we are now seeing live today.

Snap Finger Click the developers and Publishers for Awkward have had previous outings with Act it out (charades game) and IT’S QUIZ TIME! And have been rather successful at it, but I assume when this idea came along they had no idea what they was getting themselves into, or even the possible backlash they may receive as I expect the people who love the above games mentioned may decide not to go with this certain developer in the future.

I on the other fell in love with straight from the off, the start up screen hadn’t even loaded up yet and this message appeared:


I didn’t take a step further after that, I set my controller down shouted the wife (in the hopes of ending in divorce) and message my mate and his partner to come round and play it with us, and we played it for hours and I never laughed so hard at a console game in my life and it wasn’t just me, everyone in the room was in hysterics. I would highly suggest that you DO NOT play this game under any circumstance if you have the following traits: 1) you have anybody in the room under at least 16. 2) if you play this you must be open minded. 3) be prepared to be asked some rather personal and uncomfortable questions. 4) if you take anything seriously and have a stick your arse then don’t play Awkward.

The reason I say this is basically because the questions the game asks are straight forward and to the point, and is the main reason why the game was banned in the first place. In the 1800s this amazing card game was originated, but as you read earlier it was very quickly banned, as it was the main cause for a rise in bar fights and divorces…. coincidental I here you cry… well actually no it isn’t. Some of the questions asked can be as simple as “what colour would you rather dye your hair?” and then it will give you two options for example white or pink. Another example is “what stresses you out more?” Driving or Money. After the first initial round where these questions aren’t that bad comes round two and things start to get a little more interesting. You start to see questions that may start to cause arguments if your playing with someone serious like: “what is more appropriate to discuss at a dinner table?” religion or politics, or “what would you be more likely to do?” betray my country or betray my family. See why these questions may start to stir things.

This isn’t the best part however, the best bit comes at round 3 or the final round this is where the questions really get good. They start asking things like “have you ever been in charge of someone you work with, who is better then you at your job?” yes or no. So far my personal favourite, “who is more sexually adventurous?” my mother or my father. This had me literally crying in laughter for a good 10 minutes.

So by know I bet your all wondering how to play, basically it is the easiest game you will ever play, whilst having hours of enjoyment. You can chose to play from 1-6 players and even though you can play this solo I would highly recommend getting a gathering or playing this at a party. So Solo mode kind of speaks for itself, instead of guessing what somebody else says, you have to guess what the World says. On 2 player you have to play against each other, but the best way to play is if you don’t tell or show the other player what you are putting (lets see how much you know your partner). Three players and up tends to get a little more eccentric, you start to see matchups where each player takes it in turns to guess what the other has put. 4-6 players have the same “match-up” play, but also others something different in team plays.

Each one of these game modes is highly enjoyable and also come with an option to “live stream” your game which if you have lots of followers or friends who you want to play with is a great feature. I really do love this game and the achievements are all easily earned, maybe except the one where you have to play on valentines day… that could get a little AWKWARD!

Developer: Snap Finger Click

Publisher: Snap Finger Click


Price: £9.59

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