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Difficulty 5
Longevity 3

Be Prepared To Step Into The Battlezone Gold Edition It is very rare nowadays that we see a game solely based on tanks, some people say it is for the better but personally I love a good tank fight. The last “decent” tank game was World At Tanks, which was free but then a lot ..

Summary 3.8 good
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Battlezone Gold Edition – Xbox One Review

Be Prepared To Step Into The Battlezone Gold Edition

It is very rare nowadays that we see a game solely based on tanks, some people say it is for the better but personally I love a good tank fight. The last “decent” tank game was World At Tanks, which was free but then a lot of money could be spent on in game purchases. The graphics on it were amazing and I had a lot of fun with it. The only game previous I can think of that was noteworthy is Robot Wars, although it isn’t a tank game as such it acts pretty much in the same way and is a game I love to see re-mastered.

I really like what the developers and publishers Rebellion have done to this game and gives a whole new dimension to what some games can look like, I think that ever since Fortnite has been released it has brought a lot of new perspective to gamers and developers a like, and even Rebellion seem to have found that bit of Fortnite touch in their gaming graphics, which has a somewhat similar comparison, but that is where the similarities end.

The load up screen brings an arcade feel to it, with a green load up screen (kind of like a night vision graphic) and an insert coin message. So when that pops up I was thinking this is going to be dire, but these thoughts were very quickly quashed by seeing the available options on the start up screen. Of course I headed straight to customisation to see what I was getting myself into and I was pleasantly surprised. The first bit I thought was amazing was I go to kit out my tank… Firstly with Bobble heads, yes Bobble heads.. and their are several to chose from including Judge Dredd, a Snowman and Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Not only that you can chose from several skins/camos for inside and outside your tank and also what horn you want, but don’t worry if you don’t like horns you can always have sleigh bells.

The next thing that caught my eye on the start up screen was the “Arsenal” option, no this isn’t the football club, it is a place to check out your weapons and flutter between them, however I would advise playing a few games before divulging time in here as you need money to buy things. So quickly moving on to the game modes. You have play Online and play Offline. Simple really and we all like things simple and both modes do the exact same thing. So the first thing you need to do is sect a difficulty I would highly recommend playing a quick game on easy before moving on to bigger and harder levels just to get used to the controls. There are also 3 campaign lengths, short, medium and long. Caution the long is very long.

Their are 12 tanks to chose from earning each one as you progress through the campaign, bit you only get three to start off with. So chose your tank of choice wisely. The campaign trail is built a bit like the board game blockbuster and the objective is to clear out the shield generators and then take out the main core. Simple yes? Well maybe not so much as every hexagon holds a surprise, some have little circles in them which are supply drops but the others are blank and contain either intense battles or little story options that will give you boost or damage. The only way of knowing is to use a drop probe but you have to earn them or buy them.

This game will definitely test your skills in combat as you try to manoeuvre around buildings and ramps to gain an advantage over incoming forces. Their are health stations scattered throughout the levels and also what I like to call power stations. These give you a boost in attack and can decrease the enemies stats, but be careful what works for you also works for them, so if they get to them first guess who gets the boost. You only have your tank and your wits to survive, but the enemy has a lot more, the have turrets, planes and so much more to keep you at bay so maybe get a friend to help you out or just jump online and hope for the best.

This was surprisingly a lot of fun but Is it worth the £29.99 asking price? Unfortunately I would say not I would definitely wait for it to fall in price to maybe around the £10-£15 mark.

Developer: Rebellion

Publisher: Rebellion

Twitter: @Rebellion

Price: £29.99

Review code supplied by Lick PR

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