Bionik Quickshot – Xbox Trigger Lock Kit Review

Quickshot Trigger Grips BoxFor anyone who has used or owns an Xbox Elite controller will know how the trigger locks work, essentially they shorten the travel on the left and right triggers which gives you an advantage in shortening the time between each shot you take, you can independently lock each trigger.

The feature is great for anyone playing a first person shooter and potentially may give you a slight advantage over your opponents, now I say potentially because it really depends on how fast you can pull the trigger with your finger anyway, the real advantage will come if you are actually a little slower pressing the trigger in which case this will level the playing field a little.

The Bionik Quickshot is a kit that you fit to your standard Xbox One controller yourself which adds this feature to your standard controller.

The kit comes with a tool to remove the covers from the left and right sides of your controller without too much effort, all in all it took me about 5 minutes to gently remove the covers and replace them with the Quickshot version, the tool has a slight lip which you can use to prise the plastic open on the controller covers, there are no screws to remove and nothing you can particularly damage as long as you don’t force things too much.

The instructions will show you the best way to start separating the covers from the main unit but then I found it easier to pop the sides out using the tool.

There is no specific setup, these are really just plug and play as they are completely manual, you can see how they work very easily before you fit them.

Once fitted the feel slightly more plastic than the original although the textured area is easier to grip than the standard pad, the switches stick out slightly too far for me and I’d prefer if they were slightly rounded off as occasionally you can catch them while holding the pad.

I found the advantage is very much down to your personal perception and varies from game to game, with owning an Xbox Elite Controller I compared the trigger locks between the two and the elite controller is definitely better as there is slightly less travel however bearing in mind the cost difference between the two these stand up well.

These look good on the controller and match quite well to the styling, I added these to a Black controller and they would look fine on the white controller too, you may just find if you have one of the coloured pads then they may look a little out of place.

My son loves these as he feels that it really gives him an advantage over his friends in Fortnite (and he’ll take any advantage he can get)

The kit is available for £14.99 from Amazon in the UK which if you play a lot of first person shooters then you will more than get your money out of them, if not then the benefits may be a little limited for you.

Many thanks to Bionik for the review sample.


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