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In the original Bleed our heroine, the pink haired Wryn wanted to prove to the world that she was the greatest hero of them all by killing off the world’s other heroes. Unfortunately for her the plan worked perfectly and that has created a problem all of its own. In Bleed 2 the Earth is ..

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Bleed 2 – Xbox One Review

Bleed 2 LOGOIn the original Bleed our heroine, the pink haired Wryn wanted to prove to the world that she was the greatest hero of them all by killing off the world’s other heroes. Unfortunately for her the plan worked perfectly and that has created a problem all of its own. In Bleed 2 the Earth is defenceless so it’s up to Wryn to save us all from an alien invasion and after all she is the best of the best so what could possibly go wrong.

This is the situation we find our heroine in at the start of Bleed 2. The good news is that nothing much has changed but the bad news is nothing much has changed. How much you enjoy this sequel will depend on how much you enjoyed the original or if you’re new to the series how much you enjoy some old school inspired 2D side scrolling shooter/platforming action.

Bleed 2 takes the bullet hell gameplay I loved from the first game and tums it all the way up to eleven. I dare anyone to play it on its hardest difficulty and see how far you get. It’s one of the most challenging games I’ve played for a long time but thankfully it retains that just one more go vibe even though it kicks your ass through all of its seven levels.

Each level is packed with a ridiculous amount of enemies and multiple boss fights for you to plough through. Each ofBleed 2 Birds the seven levels are quite short but don’t let that fool you into a sense of false security. Just when you think you’ve polished off a level and deserve a break camps you’ve just defeated might come at you again in another guise. But this time even harder and with more backup to harass you with.

I started out on the hardest difficulty settings and quickly realised that my skill and reflexes weren’t up to the challenge. I very quickly dropped down to normal difficulty and set about defeating the alien invaders. There are four difficulty settings for you to choose from and I’d only secondment the hardest setting to a masochist. Completing the game unlocks new characters, weapons and abilities with the hardest settings unlocking bigger and better goodies.

Bleed 2 isn’t just all about the story mode though. When you’ve finished the campaign you can test your mettle in Challenge Mode where you pick three bosses to fight against at once. It’s totally one sided and bonkers but for those few seconds that I manage to stay alive I felt like a champion. If that doesn’t entice you how about Arcade Mode where you have to fight through the entire campaign with just one life. You can also try your luck with the game’s Endless Mode that throws you into procedurally generated levels whilst bombarding you with enemies and boss fights.

Bleed 2 BossAs with most games in this genre learning patterns is your path to victory. Some of those patterns are obvious immediately but others are a little bit confusing but you will always work out what to do even if you just stumble across a solution by accident. One of the quickest ways to defeat bosses is to deflect their purple projectile by deflection them back towards them by using your katana. The boss fights will deplete your slo-motion power quicker than you can imagine but thankfully it fills back up quite quickly and it soon becomes a saving grace time and time again.

Bleed 2 looks pretty much like the original but with a bit of extra spit and polish. That said though I loved the look of the original and Bleed 2 just beefs everything up with animated backgrounds It’s not going to win any beauty awards but you won’t have much time to notice much of anything with the screen constantly enveloped in bullets or some frantic boss fight that will kill you if you stay still for even a few seconds to admire the scenery.

The campaign mode in Bleed 2 is short but frantic fun and if you’ve got a few hours to spare you will easily complete it with time to spare. The real challenge is finishing the campaign on the higher difficulty levels and achieving top grades in each one. The additional modes and the amount of unlockables that you get to play around with for completing the game and for hitting various objectives gives Bleed 2 that instant replay-ability that places it above its competition and just when you think its over

Bleed 2 is available now for £10.99

Developer: Bootdisk Revolution
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Website: BLEED 2
Twitter: @BootdiskRev / @DigeratiDM

Review code supplied by Digerati Distribution

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