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Difficulty 5
Longevity 4

Bleed is a twin-stick side-scrolling shooter which reminds me of days gone bye. But with so many retro style games on the market can Bleed do enough to stand out from the crowd? You take control of our protagonist the strangely named Wryn who is on a quest to become the ultimate videogame hero. Unfortunately ..

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Bleed – Xbox One Review

Bleed LogoBleed is a twin-stick side-scrolling shooter which reminds me of days gone bye. But with so many retro style games on the market can Bleed do enough to stand out from the crowd?

You take control of our protagonist the strangely named Wryn who is on a quest to become the ultimate videogame hero. Unfortunately for Wryn there are another seven pretenders to the throne who must be defeated before she can claim the title for herself. And that’s as complicated as the story gets. With games like these who needs a drawn out and overly complicated story anyway? Twin-stick shooters are all about the action and thankfully Bleed doesn’t disappoint.

Bleed controls like every other but with a slight twist. Movement is controlled via the left stick and the right stick is used for aiming which also fires your weapon in that direction automatically and you use the right trigger to jump. While in the air you can move Wryn and this mechanic was a real challenge to get to grips with and I’ll speak more about this later. You cycle through your weapons by pressing pressing the left and right bumpers. There is one extra helping hand that Bleed offers you and it’s that classic bullet time mechanic which you initiate by pressing the left trigger. Bullet Time quickly becomes an essential tool which saved my life time and time again.

So back to the jump mechanic if you can call it that. Double jumping and triple jumping aren’t typically my kind of thing and it’s usually something that the developer gap thrown in there to give you a feeling that there is more to the levels than there actually is. Now I call this a jump but it’s actually a bit more than that. It’s more like a jump followed by two dashes in quick succession. This move which I’m sure was primarily suppose to be used to get to out of reach platforms quickly became a brilliant method of dodging enemies and their attacks and it works perfectly especially during hectic boss fights.

When wet start the game you’re default weapons arm a set of flak wielding pistols Bleed 6and a rocket launcher. Switching between them both quickly becomes second nature depending on the situation you find yourself in. The pistols are quick but relatively weak and the pocket launcher is slow but powerful. There is a whole host of weaponry that you can unlock or purchase and they are your standard fare from shotguns, flamethrower or revolvers. There are certain weapons that you can only unlock by completing the game on various difficulty settings though and the homing rocket launcher is one of those weapons I never quite managed to get my hands on. Every weapon in your armoury comes with an unlimited supply of ammunition so you don’t need to worry about picking any up.

At the beginning of each level you get to choose which difficulty you play through. Because I’m a wimp I chose normal. Playing on higher difficulty levels increased the multiplier which you receive at the end of each level. You can also pause the game and select different weaponry in case the weapons you started with aren’t up to the job. I like this option because at least your not stuck with an unsatisfactory weapon choice throughout an entire level.

Every room in the game is essentially a checkpoint which stops a lot of frustration Bleed 5creeping in, especially when I consider the amount of times I died in specific areas. Being warped back to the beginning of a level would have made me cry tears of blood. As you beat one room after another and eventually complete a level you are rewarded with fronts which are ambulatory on how you performed. There points can be spent in the shop on upgrades for your health, energy which allows you to jump/dash further and new weapons.

When you complete the main story there are another two modes for you to try out. Arcade Mode throws you straight into it with only one life and no second chances. Challenge mode lets you fight three different bosses at the same time. I loved this mode and it’s a challenge that even seasoned gamers will find hard. If you’re the type of gamer who absolutely has to unlock everything a game has to offer your going to be spending the majority of your game time here replaying the story mode over and over.

Bleed is a great shooter but a little bit too short with only seven levels. These is plenty for those of you who have to collect every single to keep coming back to and the challenge mode is fun in short bursts. A ex extra levels would have made just enough difference to the game’s longevity but when I’ve had so much fun anyway I’m willing to forgive Bleed it’s only shortcoming.

Developer: Bootdisk Revolution
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Website: BLEED
Twitter: @BootdiskRev / @DigeratiDM

Bleed is available ow for £7.99

Code supplied by Digerati Distribution.

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