Boost your gamer score – easy achievements and where to find them

There’s no denying the attraction of an achievement. Even for those of us who aren’t achievement hunters, there’s something undeniably sweet about that pop up at the bottom of your screen. So whether you’re a dedicated cheevo hunter or someone who just wants to boost their rookie numbers, here’s five titles which can give your score a boost fast (and without breaking the bank)


Released as a promotional tool for the 2016 film of the same name, the game eschews the plot of the movie and instead treats you to some chariot racing action. It’s……awful. The film was bad, but the game is insulting even to that standard. That said, even the least committed gamer should be able to grab 1000GS in about an hour. You will not enjoy this. This game is not your friend. You will want to forget the experience. But an easy 1000 is not to be sniffed at.

Ben-Hur was released in select regions only, but a quick trip to the US store will have it downloading in minutes. Just don’t forget to uninstall it promptly as soon as you have your 1000GS – you don’t want this turkey taking up space on your HDD any longer than necessary.

1000GS ETA: 1 hour

Cost: Free

NBA 2K17 – The Prelude

Not the full game of course, this prologue was released in advance of the full release of NBA 2K17 for…..reasons. Still, even if you’re not a hoops fan, you’ll find an easy 1000GS which will only take an hour or so to blag. There’s some unskippable cut scenes which are a bit of a drag, but other than that it ain’t too shabby. I can’t stress enough that no basketball knowledge is required, nor is any real skill involved. This one is a slam dunk 1000GS.

1000GS ETA: 1 hour

Cost: Free

Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast & Furious

This standalone companion to Horizon 2 was free for a while after release in 2015, so you might have it lurking in your ready to install list. Sadly, it seems to have been delisted for purchase (at least in the UK), but if you are able to install it, it’s essentially a glorious tech demo for Forza and the Fast & Furious franchise. It’s built on the FH2 engine, so it’s a lot of fun and as long as you can pull off a few basic stunts and win a few relatively easy races, you’ll be in pole position for an easy 1000GS.

1000GS ETA: 90 minutes

Cost: Free (possibly)


IDARB launched straight to Games with Gold in early 2015, and is currently available on Game Pass. Honestly, I have no idea how to describe it. Almost a sports title, but not quite, almost a 2D platformer, but not really – IDARB is its own thing, and its actually kinda fun. Achievements abound for creating your own music tracks and other tomfoolery – you’ll have a good time hunting down at least some of the achievements. As for the rest, well, do you wanna boost those numbers or not rookie?

1000GS ETA: 2 hours (you’ll need a friend to help for some achievements)

Cost: £11.99, but GWG January 2015 and currently in Game Pass catalogue.

Late Shift

Late Shift is less a game, more an interactive movie in which your decisions have ramifications throughout the narrative. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but some people love the Telltale Games model (RIP) and this one is similar, albeit with live action. Full 1000GS is easily achievable with a bit of patience although unlike others on the list, this one will take multiple playthroughs to max out (a single playthrough will yield around 700GS on first completion though). The acting and narrative are actually OK, but sitting through all seven of the possible endings might stretch your patience a bit.

1000GS ETA: 7 hours (but the majority can be had in 1 hour)

Cost: £9.99, but currently in Game Pass Catalogue.

Don’t forget that for the elusive achievements in these, or any other Xbox title, True Achievements is your friend. Find them here, or download the app on your console. They offer a filter which will allow you to target titles with easily achievable GS just like the ones above, and they have a solution and tip for just about every cheevo there is. The road to 100K starts here, but it’ll probably end on True Achievements. Enjoy climbing the leaderboard!

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  1. Brian George 1st November 2018

    Try the recently released Jack N’ Jill DX. Only costs a couple of quid and you get the full 1000G in less than 20mins!

    Paul Rooney 1st November 2018

    Good shout Bri – knew I should have reviewed that one!

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