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Our Xbox One Review of Bridge Constructor Portal Everyone knows the iconic voice from the portal games and its back! Only this time it’s building bridges. As soon as I heard the voice I was so eager to give this game a try. I had high expectations and it did not disappoint! The story is ..

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Bridge Contructor Portal – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Bridge Constructor Portal

Everyone knows the iconic voice from the portal games and its back! Only this time it’s building bridges.

As soon as I heard the voice I was so eager to give this game a try. I had high expectations and it did not disappoint! The story is that you get hired to sit at a computer and build bridges to get the cargo from the start to the exit without it falling and blowing up. The first few levels are basically a tutoring to get you used to the game and explaining to you what you’re supposed to do.

Around level 4 it starts to get a little tricky with the introduction of multiple portals but after a few test runs (and deaths) you should pick this up quite quickly and be moving on. The next couple of levels are very similar apart from level 6 where the convoys have to cross paths. This makes it a little bit more tricky because you don’t want to be building a bridge that’s going to get in the way of the other route. Again after a few test runs you should be able to work out where the vehicles are going and work out how much space you need to leave from there.

More or less most of the levels now introduce something different, in level 7 you need to gather enough speed when going through the portal that when you come out the other side you jump over it rather than straight into it. Level 8 is similar but I found this a lot harder as it has a vertical drop so you need to get the bridge just right in order to do it correctly. Level 9 reminds me of the original portal games. Remember the cubes that you used to pick up and place on the buttons to hold doors open? Well it’s back and you are going to need to drive over one button to release it and allow it to fall on another button to open the gate to your exit.

The later levels get even more tricky as you have to go through multiple portals, use more cubes to open doors and eventually deactivate drones by driving into the back of them. This can be tricky because if they see you the will… well… lets just say it will be an unhappy ending for the driver.

In order to build these bridges you are able to use two different materials. One stronger than the other but one can be extended more than the other. After building the bridge and also building a secure stand for the bridge to stay upright you then need to add a road to the bridge to the convoy have something to drive on.

Building bridges isn’t as easy as it sounds. As mentioned earlier it needs to be secure to hold the bridge upright however some bridges only hold in place for the test vehicle or a couple of convoy meaning that when the last few convoy get there then there might not be a bridge left for them to drive over meaning you’re back at square one.

The humour in this game definitely makes it better. Whether that be the voice making comments about your work or at the end of the level where it tells you how much you ‘wastefully spent’. All of these little things makes the game so much better.

I would also like to add that on the main menu when it shows you on your computer there is a picture of a cake on it and we all know that the cake is a lie.

Bridge constructor portal offers 1000G over 16 achievements. Meaning that they are all high earners and definitely worth going for if you want to boost your gamerscore. With them all worth 50 or 70 gamerscore you will be climbing your leaderboard ladder in no time. Some of them are pretty easy and you can work towards them as a side mission for yourself such as destroy 100 test vehicles or pass through the same portal 15 times (Level 6 I found easy for this one as you can build a bridge back to the portal instead of the exit). The more tricky ones come later in the game such as finishing chapter 6 or do 5,000 portal transitions. There is also one for doing 1,000 portal transitions so I may just leave level 6 on as I go and do something else.

All in all I really enjoyed playing this. It offered a good challenge so you didn’t just fly through the game and as stated earlier the humour definitely helps. As a fan of the portal games I was always going to be a fan of this. I would definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of the portal games, enjoy a challenge or are after a game to help you climb your leaderboard ladder.

Publisher: Headup Games

Developer: ClockStone Studio

Twitter: @HeadupGames

Price: £11.99

Review code supplied by VimGlobal

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