Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Blackout – First Impressions

First impressions of Blackout

When it was first revealed earlier this year that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 would not be entertaining a single player campaign this year, it was met with some variety in the media. Some said that it was a bad move, whilst some stated it was a good move away. Personally, having quite enjoyed the single player campaigns in the previous Call of Duty games, I was mixed towards it. However, when the move was announced to go to a completely online and multiplayer game, it was also revealed that Black Ops 4 would be jumping onto the Battle Royale concept of the game, and would be including a battle royale mode, that they titled “Blackout” in Black Ops 4.

Over the past weekend, for the second week (For PS4 owners) but the first for Xbox and PC owners, we got our first glimpse of Blackout, Call of Duty`s take on the successful battle royale mode. How was it going to fare? We`ve seen games like PUBG and Fortnite take a huge presence when it`s come to the BR mode, and given that Battlefield have also confirmed they will include the BR mode in the new Battlefield game (Although we don’t have any information on that regarding a beta of any sort) it seems like a lot of games are now starting to look at the success of the mode, how well and received it is by gamers alike, and are starting to include them in their titles. I wonder how many more games we will see going forward that do the same.

So, how did Blackout fare over the weekend and early impressions?

Blackout initially supported 80 members, however this was increased over the weekend and when Treyarch announced an extension on the beta timings, they upped the antics to 100 player matches, matching what we have seen on PUBG and Fortnite. I don’t think there`s been any confirmation of what the final count will be in what we can expect to player matches in Blackout but expect it to be at least 80 people. Personally, I`d love to see them push the 100-player mark in Blackout matches.

How did the game play? Well, having played the beta and then jumping onto PUBG, you can tell how smooth the game runs compared to over titles. It`s slick, fluid and feels nice, and although some I have spoken to have said it`s too quick for the Battle Royale mode, I really enjoyed it. Perhaps half of the reason is I really enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the Call of Duty games, so for me, it felt nice, but you get something a lot easier to play with and is much more fluid than some other Battle Royale games out there. I`m hoping there is not much change when it comes to playing in the beta and playing Blackout in the final game, because it felt fluid and good, and that`s how I like to play a shooter. Not something that stutters or feels unfinished. Of course, you can never really go off too much from a beta, but the first impressions are good. Of course, it will take some time to work out what you`re picking up from the ground and what works best with what, but I think it makes it a lot more even, and given the fluidity of the game, and the fact it`s Call of Duty that historically has been known for its close combat approach rather than the tactical approach that Battlefield possesses, it makes for quicker games, and a fluid shooting system.

Playing on an Xbox One X console too, the game was graphically superb. It looked incredibly nice in parts, and some of the detail was truly believable. Treyarch have done an incredibly good job when its come to the graphical side of the game, and although we`re not going to get some of the stunning cutscenes that we did in the WW2 single player side of things, we are going to get some pretty damn looking environment as we`re shooting other gamers.

The only impressions of the Blackout mode are that it is very good and I`ve really enjoyed my time with what I have played. It`s nice to see a big studio take their stance on the concept of the Battle Royale mode, and given what I`ve played, I`m not sure how often I`ll be jumping on any other game.

Roll on October please.




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