Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Preview

A quick preview of Call of Duty Black Ops 4

I`m a big lover of the Call of Duty franchise. I play them every single year, and despite taking a different approach a few years back, last year we saw it go back to its original routes, and head to WW2 and was by far, the best one that I`ve played for a few years. And of course, we look ahead to the newest addition that this year, comes in the form of Black Ops 4.

Developed by Treyarch, it is the next instalment of the Black Ops Arc, and was revealed at the start of May. In a bold move, it was confirmed that Black Ops 4 would have no single player campaign as such, and the real focus this year was on Multiplayer. That`s a big call – Lots of people, including myself, enjoy playing through the single player campaign, and although they`ve not all been great, I do quite enjoy going through and playing on a first run-through of the story, and then a second run-through where I collect the intels and play on veteran mode. So, to say I`m not a bit disappointed that there isn’t a single player campaign in the new addition is an understatement.

However, I also do like the Multiplayer side of things, and the fact that they`ve put all their focus into the Multiplayer side of things, I`m hoping means that it`s going to be the best they`ve done for a while. There`s not been an awful lot confirmed about the PvP side of things, but expect the normal game modes that you love and have played in previous titles. Some of the things we have been told and confirmed for the game include a new healing system which replaces the old regen system, some new classes, and five re-makes from previous Black Ops games, including one of my personal favourites, Firing Range. I imagine that the Multiplayer aspect is going to feel and get quite similar after a while, but I`m hoping that seeing Multiplayer is the focus, there is a different approach on it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Black Ops game without a Zombies narrative to it. Yes, they`ve confirmed that Zombies will be returning to Black Ops 4, and is the co-operative element of the game. In the reveal, we were shown the first zombies map, which will be one of three on disc at launch, was going to take place on the Titanic ship, and would be called Voyage of Dispair. In addition, we were also shown another map that would launch with the game, and that was of Blood of the Dead which is set to take place in Rome. It`s also been confirmed that the popular map from Black Ops, “Five” would be returning and will be part of the Black Ops Pass and Special editions of the game at launch. I was hoping that Call of Duty would go a similar approach with Battlefield and make all their content free, but that proved to be wrong, and although I personally will buy and pay for it, there`s a lot of people that won`t.

The big new feature that was revealed for Black Ops 4, and for me, was inevitable, was a new game mode which is called “Blackout” which as you may have guessed, is based on a Battle Royale mode. The mode that has become huge over the past 12 months with Fortnite and PUBG taking its lead, is making its way to a Call of Duty game, and that`s massive. It seems games are now starting to take note of the success of these games and include them in theirs. We don’t know an awful lot about this mode yet, in terms of the number of people that will be in one game (Although there was a rumour that surfaced about it being 60 people) but we do know that it will contain the biggest map ever created for a Call of Duty game. I`m really looking forward to seeing more on this going forward.

From what we`ve seen so far and heard so far, I`m really looking forward to seeing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 release and getting my hands on it. It`s being released slightly earlier this year, and I think that might have something to do with Red Dead`s release at the end of the month, but roll on October I say, as I`m quite looking forward to seeing what Treyarch have given and have up their sleeves.

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