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Will you dolphin dive to safety, or get shot in face? Welcome to World War II Unless you have been hiding in a cave or camping in the wilderness for the last 2 years, like me you would have heard rumours that the Call Of Duty franchise was going back to war. World War II that ..

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Call Of Duty: World War II – Xbox One review

Will you dolphin dive to safety, or get shot in face? Welcome to World War II

Unless you have been hiding in a cave or camping in the wilderness for the last 2 years, like me you would have heard rumours that the Call Of Duty franchise was going back to war. World War II that is, fans of the franchise first played the amazing title over 9 years ago and have been begging for more ever since. In that time Call Of Duty has brought us many games some have gone under intense scrutiny and some people believe that some of those games should have never been released. We have however received some amazing upgrades  in technology and warfare, and been treated to some amazing titles too, like Modern Warfare 2 and Black ops 3 upon my personal favourites.

In a more personal level the World At War series holds a special place in my heart, being an ex-serviceman and parading around the streets of Ypres (Belgium) and laying the wreath at Menin Gates, and visiting all the old war sites such as Passchendaele and Le Somme, it is a subject that holds special meaning to me. So I suppose the big question is have they done it justice? Have Sledgehammer Games and Activision been able to capture the true feeling of the battlefield, and will it be remembered as one of the best games in console history, just like it’s predecessor.

The level of detail, the gameplay, the comradery, the weapons, the story line, the action, the drama, (I could go on) this game has it all!! I don’t normally play campaign I just go straight to multiplayer and go on the long grind to getting that all important prestige badge, but instead I found myself compelled to play the campaign mode. There are four levels of difficulty, but for starters I set off on easy, as I really wanted to take it all in. Straight from the get go it shows you what it meant to everybody with a small video clip of WWII footage, and then kicks you straight into D-Day and wow, Sledgehammer really did their homework and put a lot of effort into it. You get your fellow countryman’s head shot clean off, with others guys missing limbs and being blown to smithereens. From the very beginning, to the end the story makes you feel for the characters from action packed sequences like fighting of a Nazi trying to stab, or blowing up a train, or destroying things with a tank, it really does have it all. As in every Call of Duty their are special memorabilia for you to find in game, but this year has something new. Heroic actions, these involve dragging soldiers to safety or saving them from certain death.

Campaign isn’t the only mode to have an upgrade this year multiplayer has to, it’s your very one headquarters, and I’m impressed, as the same amount of detail that went into campaign has gone into multiplayer. Your ground base looks like D-Day beach after you have just taken it, the stone clad bunker half blown up, the AA guns, the soldiers, the war struck country scenery, and if you do anything in this game head down to the beach and just take in that breath-taking scenery. That’s not all if you wonder around the HQ you can perform certain actions like customize your weapons and emblems, prestige your weapons and divisions. Their are five divisions to sink your teeth into, Infantry, Airborne, Armoured, Mountain, and Expeditionary. Each have their own unique selling point, my personal favourite is Infantry just because I love that Bayonet charge…. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!

Another great addition to multiplayer is score streak training, where you can pick any score streak, anytime you like and use it against an endless onslaught of Nazis trying to take your base, but don’t worry you have an endless supply of troops to hold them off and just have fun. Another neat addition are the scoreboards scattered around HQ so you can see what you and your friends have scored on each game mode, which brings me on to best thing Call Of Duty have added.

Two new game modes, 1 vs 1 Headquarters, which is a 1 vs 1 match between you and a competitor in a winner stays on game mode, three lives and believe me they go quick, hardest part I feel is trying to actually find a game on this certain mode which is a shame, but that is only because I don’t have up to 50 teammates to play with, because most of them are FIFA fan boys. The second game mode however, is a completely different story. The name of it is War, and that is exactly what you get. 6 players on each side, one defends and one attacks. The objectives are split into four sections and you must complete each one to advance or the defending team wins. You can build defences or attacking post to help you and your team mates, and is by far one of the best additions to the game.

This part is my most hatred mode…. Zombies. Ever since the release of “Zombies” I have never understood the reason why they brought it into the Call Of Duty franchise, but hey its in the game. So this years Zombies also known as Nazi Zombies, has also had a detailed upgrade including more of a storyline based on some “real life events”, including a hint based storyline showing where your next objective is, something that hasn’t appeared in zombies thus far. But for the hard-core zombie player has the opportunity to venture of these paths to gain secret paths containing extra story content and obviously more rewards. The main upgrade is the choice of player you want to be, you can chose between four combat roles to help your team survive the endless waves of zombies heading towards you. You can play as Offence, Control, Support and even Medic. Each one with its own unique abilities, along with class load outs raven mods (perks), and weapon wall buys may actually make this a game mode worth playing.

If for some amazing reason you have never played a Call Of Duty game before, or have played every single one of the most famous franchises in history I implore you to put your hands in your pocket and buy this amazing title. It has to be one of the most fascinating and realistic games you will ever see and have the pleasure to play. At one point I was so into the game it felt like I was playing a oart in a film.

Bravo Sledgehammer and Activision… BRAVO!!

Developer: Sledgehammer Games

Publisher: Activision


Twitter: @CODNextGen @CallofDuty @SHGames @Activision

Standard Edition: £54.99

Deluxe Edition: £84.99

Code supplied by XCN and Activision

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