Cities Skylines: Mass Transit finally comes to Xbox


Yes, the well awaited Mass Transit DLC has come to console this week, and we’re glad to say, it’s bloody amazing! Alongside the new content, Cities Skylines also comes with a much needed patch that consoles have yet to have. These features are nothing new for PC players, but I can guarantee you that those who own Skylines on console have been looking forward to this for a long time.

Has congestion been a big problem for you? Do you spend hours trying to configure which roads are troublesome? Well Mass Transit aims to combat those difficulties by giving you a range of tools to use.

Mass Transit lets you use a plethora of different modes of public transport such as: cable cars, monorails and boats. Different buildings can now combine different transport services and feature huge hubs, for example a Paddington station looking building can now have 12 platforms.

Not to mention the free patch now gives console users the ability to change intersections between stop signs or traffic lights, or remove them entirely. Traffic can now be easily managed, and with this level of depth, you can now experiment on roads to try to make traffic flow smoother.

Roads are now named and can be renamed, which is a delightful little detail that really makes Cities Skylines stand out from all the rest of the city building games. This Mass Transit DLC, no it isn’t required to the Skylines experience as a whole, but by god does it add so much more depth.

Mass Transit is out now and I’d definitely recommend getting it.

Price – £10.39


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