Close to the Sun Preview

Close to the Sun is new horror adventure game from Storm in a Teacup, due for release at the end of October on Xbox One.  Here at AbsoluteXbox we’ve been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to play through the first 3 chapters of the game in order to provide a preview of what to expect on its full release.

Firstly, based on the first few chapters of the games, I’d use the term ‘horror’ fairly loosely.  While there is some atmospheric work that has been put into the desolate Helios ship that the game is based, most the game so far relies on quick jump scares that have yet to make me jump.  The game is mostly a ‘walking simulator’, revolving around exploration and solving light puzzles.

You control Rose, who received a letter from her sister Ada asking for her help.  Rose, a journalist in 1897 makes her way to the Helios, a large ship which houses the greatest scientific minds of the time, working towards Nikola Tesla’s vision.  It’s obvious from the beginning that everything is not what it seems.  And you’re quickly thrown into what seems to be a solid start to a very interesting story.  Just to note, I got major Bioshock vibes from the visuals and atmosphere presented in the game.  Helios could easily be an extension of Rapture, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Initially the Helios seems abandoned, but you soon enter a room full of dead bodies.  Through conversation with Ada and reading discoverable items in the game, you learn that the scientists on Helios were playing with the concept of time, and the idea of time travel.  Even Ada thinks that the letter Rose received was from her future self.   She explains that when they tore a hole in time, creature came through and began killing everyone on board.

In these initial chapters of the game, Rose is tasked with meeting with Ada.  Moving through the levels has you talking to other characters over the radio, with some asking for help, others seeming more menacing.  You need to find clues and solve small puzzles (so far) to proceed through certain sections – such as finding codes to turn off electrical currents.

The first 3 chapters really did whet my appetite in terms of unravelling the mysteries of Helios, Tesla and the time travel problems that have occurred.  And the chase scene with the apparent psychopath at the end with accusations that it’s Rose’s fault left even more question marks as to what has actually happened, and whether I was controlling one of a number of different versions of Rose from different times.  I look forward to seeing how it all develops, and getting my questions answered on October 29th.

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