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CrossOut and Destruction!! When CrossOut was released a few weeks ago, it was a game that instantly attracted my attention. Not because it`s a free to play game, or the fact that it`s a MMO that evolves around building and crafting cars and in destruction derby like style ram to into others and complete carnage. ..

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CrossOut – Xbox One Review

CrossOut and Destruction!!

When CrossOut was released a few weeks ago, it was a game that instantly attracted my attention. Not because it`s a free to play game, or the fact that it`s a MMO that evolves around building and crafting cars and in destruction derby like style ram to into others and complete carnage. Okay, perhaps those two did contribute, but it was because for a free-to-play game, it was something completely different to what I had seen before out on the market. Developed by Targem Games, it was a game that I was eager to play and get my hands on – Was it going to be a game to check out? It does take a while early on, but it certainly is.

CrossOut is developed by Targem Games, and published by Gainjin Entertainment, and at the time of writing, is a free to play MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, where the over a range of modes on offer, you`ll craft up your vehicle that you can develop over time and make a monster to take to the maps of CrossOut. You`ll have the option to play straight up PvP against other live and AI players, or head to a raid like mission based mode where PvE is on offer, and you`ll team up with other live players in order to complete a task like looting the remaining stations. You do have a good variety to get stuck into, but you`ll have complete customization with your vehicle, and you`ll be able to either create yourself completely from scratch (If you`re good with car mechanics and engineering then this will be a doddle for you) or using blueprints based on different types such as engineer.

Throughout the game, you will earn new parts to your cars and craft by playing online and wiping out enemies and the more you play, the more and faster you`ll rank up, and the quicker you`ll unlock new parts. You can also gain new parts by other means, simply such as logging in every day and playing – For up to 30 days you can unlock something new and the further you log on every day in succession, the better your unlocks and gifts so to speak are going to be. Once you`ve played around with your car (Technically a truck) then it`s time to jump into the world of online gaming.

My first stop was to jump into a PvP mode and play against a team of both live gamers and AI players (About 50-50). I was about to find over the next few minutes on average (Depending on how quickly the game ends – It seemed to be either until everyone on the opposite team had been destroyed or until the enemy base had been captured- think of Capture the Flag) and over the next few hours of game time, it`s actually quite fun. It`s going to feel a bit difficult at first when you jump in as enemy vehicles are going to see and feel a lot more powered and equipped, but even with a starter vehicle with the basic weaponry equipped, I was still able to hold my own. Going around the map and either helping to capture the flag or wipe out an enemy team was something that was feeling really enjoyable. I`ve played MMOs before where you`ve gone online and it`s felt a bit boring and sluggish, and although CrossOut could be tedious for a few gamers, it is quite good fun and I was really, really enjoying it. Although the PvP mode is quite standard and similar throughout the game, the way CrossOut and Targem Games have done it is quite interesting. You can choose which weapon part you`re going to go for next – The further you rank up the more that you`ll unlock and the more weapons you`ll be able to equip and customize. You still go into the same PvP mode with the exact same objectives, but when you rank up, you`ll be earning parts for the weapon you`ve chosen for. If you decided to go for PvE and jump into a mission/raid, you`ll be using up some of your currency (You get allocated something per day and this gets reset every day to my knowledge- But you can buy more)- You`ll be able to complete a range of different raids and objectives (The higher rank you are the more that will be on offer to you) and it works the same way as PvP in terms of ranking up – The more you actively do within the mission, the more you`ll earn in XP. Although you`re not going to get too attempts with the raids and missions due to the fact it uses some of your currency (Which is quite frustrating really) they are quite good fun, and if you get the right team, you`ll have some good battles and mission raiding. They change every 2 hours too which is good and will give you a good range of raids to get stuck into.

CrossOut isn’t going to ask a lot of you in terms of the controls, but they are going to take some serious getting use-to, especially when it comes to driving. Jeez, that took some mastering to do. It`s not easy to pick up straight away, but after a few attempts and a bit of practice, you will get the hang of it, when it comes to the buttons, there isn’t much too it other than using the right trigger to fire and the sticks to aim. As I`ve mentioned, the controls aren’t too difficult in terms of what they are to do, but being able to drive is going to be one that takes some practice.

I must say, after a few hours gameplay with CrossOut, I`m really, really enjoying it. It`s something quite different, and there are elements to the game that you`ll probably notice from other games you`ve played in the past. For a free-to-play MMO, you can`t go wrong, and if you`ve not already, get it downloaded and see if it`s something that takes your taste. It won`t be for everyone, but for a freebie, it`s quite a fun game, and one that if you stick with, will get some serious enjoyment from.

Developer: Targem Games
Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
Website: Crossout
Twitter: @TargemGames / @CROSSOUT_EN

Price: Free

A huge thank you to XCN for the review code.

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