Dazzerazzer FIFA 19 Memorial Tournament on AbsoluteGaming

We are running a FIFA tournament on our sister site AbsoluteGaming in memorial for our friend, Dazzerrazzer

AbsoluteGaming, our sister site, we will be hosting a FIFA 19 tournament in memory of our good friend and AbsoluteGaming admin Dazzerazzer. This will run over the next month or so.

We urge everyone in the AG community to take part even if you are not part of our current league set up, we can cater for everyone. Along-side this we have set up a JustGiving page which will allow us to raise some money for Daz’s charity Muscular Dystrophy. As some will know Daz had the condition but it never stopped him from enjoying his gaming especially on the this where he is a true legend. Donations are not compulsory to enter the tournament and amount donated does not have to be revealed. It`s about bringing the community together to remember Daz and maybe raise some money along the way.

Dazzerazzer Tournament Format

So the format? Its very simple but creates a level playing field. Fantasy League teams will be used. Any member not in the FL will be allowed to pick a squad within limits set. The tournament will be handicap based on what league you are currently in. Again member not in a league will be placed into a section based on their ability. We will have three sections:

Premiership = 0
Championship = 1
League 1 = 2

As you can see each section has a seeding. All members will be placed into groups on a random draw. If you are a Premiership player and are playing a league 1 player you give them a 2 goal head start. If you are a Championship player and you play a League 1 player you get a one goal head start. You follow? This will happen for every game. It will be group stages then a knock out phase. we`ll tailor that pending the amount of sign ups but hopefully everyone takes part.

So if you are interested, sign up in the forums to take part. The JustGiving page is below and if you wish to take part then add your name to the thread on AbsoluteGaming.


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