December’s Games with Gold are revealed

It’s about to become Jurassic for December

We’re nearly at the end of the month, and as per tradition, it tends to be the final few days of the month where we get to discover what games are going to occupy the following month’s Games with Gold, and for December, personally, I think it’s probably one of their better months of the year.

December will see Insane Robots take up the first slot of the Xbox One titles for December, where from the 16th December running to the 15th January, Jurassic World Evolution will be free to download and keep if you’re a gold member. Jurassic World has been one of those games that I had really been wanting to get around and play and just hadn’t played since, so for me, December’s Games with Gold already have my attention.

For those that do like a retro throwback and the Xbox 360 side of things, Toy Story 3 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be coming, Toy Story occupying the first half of the month and Castlevania occupying the second half of the month.

I think a good month, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands-on Jurassic World Evolution. What a nice present from Xbox.

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