E3: Bethesda – Our Impressions

A few impressions on Bethesda this year

At the beginning of the week, we saw all the conferences from the big hitters, where they showed off their work and their projects and what we can expect to see in the future. I`ve not normally taken too much interest with Bethesda over the years. I`ve never really found myself truly invested in their games, up until the last few years. I love the Fallout games (Minus 76) and I love the Elder Scrolls titles. I`ve spent a fair bit of time in the past year away on Skyrim and I love it. Bring on Elder Scrolls VI I say. So, since I`ve found myself invested with their games now, I was eagerly awaiting to see what was on offer from Bethesda in the next 12 months.

Fallout 76

It was acknowledged early on that the game had had a poor launch and a poor reception due to their well-documented issues. Bethesda announced that Fallout 76 would be getting new DLC, and that would be free to all members, called Wastelanders. A variety of new features are coming in that update, including more NPC and a quest mode. A great move in my eyes, and something that may well even get me back into it. In addition, it was revealed that Bethesda and Fallout were the latest to join the Battle Royale mode, and would be offering 52 player modes. Not sure how it`s going to fare, but it`ll be interesting to see.

Ghostwire Tokyo

I always love a new game reveal, and this one sparked me with a fair bit of interest. Tango Gameworks, who for those who don’t know, were involved with the Evil Within franchise and games, showed off a trailer for their new game, Ghostwire Tokyo. Moving slightly away from the horror side of it, this one I quite liked the look of, and I`m looking forward to seeing a bit more information about it. Have a watch of the trailer below and let us know what you thought.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein is a game that I`ve never been able to really get massively into. I played a fair bit of The New Colossus, but it was always a game I could only play for a bit and come back to in short chunks. It wasn’t a game that I could spend hours indulged in. We found about Youngblood last year when we got that teaser, and this year we got another trailer, and some more details about the game. And the most interesting part, is that it launches, very very soon. 26th July.

Doom Eternal

We got a gameplay demonstration of the new Doom title, Eternal, which showed off a range of classic doom features and traits and got us excited into the fast-pace world and action that we associate with a Doom title. A new multiplayer mode called Battlemode is coming, and we`re getting a pretty cool collectors edition that comes with an awesome helmet. And, of course, we got a release date! 22nd November 2019. I quite enjoyed Doom 3, admittedly, the only Doom title I have played, but I`ll be keeping a very open eye on this one. This may be a purchase later on or at Christmas time.


If you were a fan of Dishonored, or the 2nd title, or the sequel, or any game produced by Arkane Studios, then you`ll be pleased to know that we got a brand new reveal and a look at their latest work and project, Deathloop. This one looks quite intriguing, and I`m looking forward to seeing a bit more information on it.

Orion Streaming Tech

This was quite big. I wasn’t expecting to see anything like this shown off. Perhaps, I hadn’t done enough research about it before, and perhaps I missed it completely if there was anything, but with the news that Google Stadia would be launching this year, Microsoft`s Project XCloud streaming service would most likely be launching at some point this year, Bethesda have announced that they will also be joining the market – with their service Orion.

This looks pretty damn interesting, and it would seem that this year is going to be massive in terms of streaming, and gaming. Have a watch below and let us know – I`m personally quite looking forward to seeing some more information on it.

All in all, there were some good announcements and some good reveals. Other things were shown off such as Elder Scrolls Blades, which was a free-to play game and would also be coming to Switch and called Switch Blades (LOL at whoever came out with that name) and we got a look at the VR version of Wolfenstein, Cyberpilot (Albeit very briefly).

Next year, I`m almost certain and hoping that we get a big segment on Elder Scrolls VI. I was disappointed to not see an awful lot on that other than the fact it was in development. But, on the whole, some good reveals, and some stuff there I`m looking forward to seeing a bit more of.

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