E3: Our Top 5 Games Pick for Xbox

Our top 5 game picks for Xbox

Last week at E3, we saw a number of games revealed that either got a first reveal or more gameplay shown off, and today, we`re going to count down the top 5 we`re looking forward to seeing more of.

Battlefield V

I really enjoyed what we saw of this at the reveal back in May, and although it wasn’t much, I was hooked after the first trailer and this is what I was really eager to see more of this at EA Play, and it really didn’t disappoint. Battlefield really has lept on leaps and bounds over the last few years, and after the success of Battlefield 1, I had no doubt that this was going to be well received, and being focused on World War 2, I`m looking forward to seeing more of this in the future, and is one I`ve already got the pre-order in. And the fact that they`ve announced that Battle Royale is coming to Battlefield V is a big draw, and a big move for them, and one I think will work very well. And, we got some multiplayer gameplay last week too!

Forza Horizon 4

I love the Horizon games, and I remember spending endless hours into Forza Horizon 2, so I was really keen and eager to see what the next game would bring and where it would take us. There had been a rumour that it was going to be taking us to the streets of Japan, but that would appear to have been wrong, as it was revealed that we were going to be heading to the streets of Britain! Wow! I`m already hooked, and I can`t wait to see more of this in the future, and roll on September 28th (If you`re picking up the Ultimate Bundle that is, standard buyers it is the 2nd October). I`m also really keen to see how this fares on an Xbox One X console, as I think it`ll look absolutely gorgeous.

Halo Infinite

There was a big rumour that we were going to get the reveal of a brand new Halo, and of course, we did. Although it was a little tease at the start of the Xbox conference and we didn’t get anything after that, we did get that confirmation that it was on its way.

Expect Halo to get a big presence at next year`s E3.

Gears 5

In what was perhaps the best thought out segment of the Xbox show, after revealing Gears of War pop figures, and the reveal of a new tactical game that was coming to Mobiles and consoles at a later date, we got the reveal of Gears of War 5. One of Xbox`s biggest franchises was getting a sequel, and being a Gears of War fan, I was quite excited to see our first glimpse of it. And that`s exactly what we got. A cinematic trailer that showed off the first glimpse of the new title, and the focus would appear to be with Kait Diaz, and her story with the locusts and her origins. I`m looking forward to seeing more of this in the future. We didn’t get an official release date with this, but I would expect it some point next year.

Cyberpunk 2077

First revealed a few years back, the team behind The Witcher, CD Projekt Red, released a brand new trailer to close off the Xbox conference and we got our first proper look at the game. It looks amazing, it looks visually stunning, and for me, takes the top spot. We don’t get any form of a release date, and I don’t expect it to be released until next year the earliest, and even then, I wonder if with the rumoured new Xbox and PS being scheduled to launch in 2020, they may hold off for a launch exclusive. But, from what we saw so far, it looks amazing, and I can`t wait to see some more details on that.

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