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Our Xbox One Review of Fishing Sim World As you may know I am down for trying any game and after watching the trailer for Fishing Sim World I really wanted to try it out. It was a new kind of game for me as I hadn’t actually played a fishing game before. Yet as ..

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Our Xbox One Review of Fishing Sim World

As you may know I am down for trying any game and after watching the trailer for Fishing Sim World I really wanted to try it out. It was a new kind of game for me as I hadn’t actually played a fishing game before. Yet as someone who enjoys going fishing in real life I was interested to see how realistic it felt.

When I first watched the trailer I was looking forward to the game. They gave us a glimpse at some of the fish you are able to catch as well as some of the rivers and lakes. They didn’t give away too much which is good but what they did show definitely didn’t disappoint and the main thing I took from this trailer was that the graphics look amazing!

Before I talk about game play I want to talk a little about customisation. First up is your character, there are definitely both pros and cons here. The good thing is that you can choose between men and women. The bad thing is that there are only 3 of each. There are 3 male head models and 3 female head models but this is what you’re stuck with. You can change between these models whenever you like but it is very limited what you can change about them. You can only change the hair style and the colour for both hair & eyes. Personally I see this as a draw back as I would like more customisation and maybe even an option to name your character. You can also change the clothing on your character but again this is very limited. It is also possible to edit your boats and your equipment but the options are still limited. It is possible to buy more clothing and equipment from the shop but there isn’t a very wide selection

Come game time I was still really looking forward to play, maybe too much as I decided to ignore the tutorials and just wing it. I definitely would not recommend that as I did struggle until I went back and watched them. Luckily the tutorials are accessible at any time, including in game which definitely helped! There are 7 video tutorials in total which teach you everything from fishing basics, different techniques and even where the best place is to find certain fish.

I thought it would be best to play single player just while I got used to the game and I definitely wasn’t ready for a tournament so Freedom Fishing it was. First up you will get the option to choose between 7 lakes, these are all around the world from the UK to the Germany and even the US. I decided to keep it as close to home as possible and ended up choosing Grand Union in England. If you haven’t yet set up your tackle box (which I hadn’t)  you get to choose between 3 default setups. I had no idea what I was doing so just choose a random one. Next up was one of my favourite features. You get to choose what time of the day you would like it to be as well as what the weather is like. I liked this as it was a bit more customisation and I could play my way. I should probably mention that when you are choosing which lake you want to fish at, it tells you how many species are available there as well as how many of them you have caught. This worked well with the weather and time for me because it made me want to test out different times and different types of weather to see how that has an impact on what fish are around. Once you have choose the lake you want to fish at you get to choose from a variety of locations around that lake on where you want to start, you can move all around the lake and even use your boat to go further into the lake. I like this feature as they all offer different experiences.

Catching a fish was quite difficult at first, with some many different techniques and different rods I was very confused very early on. Once you catch you first few fish and get used to the rod it gets a lot easier. Then I would suggest moving to the store and testing out some new bate and see if you experience anything different. The fishing itself is quite slow but this doesn’t bother me as it is realistic. You can’t expect to go fishing and catch 50 fish within the first minute. There is a lot to take into consideration when catching fish such as the location, equipment, time of day and loads more and that is why I enjoyed this game as much as I did. So many different options keeping it fresh and not repetitive.

Tournaments and online tournaments are a completely different ball game. There are 4 types of championships available and they all have different scoring systems. One of them will just take the total number of fish caught where as others will take weights of certain fish. You definitely have to know what you’re doing before you enter one of these or you will hate it. There is a time limit for the competition so you need to be on your game! As well as playing in tournaments you can also play online in a session with your friends meaning this game doesn’t have to be all chill…

It is a very chill game that I would leave on while I am writing a uni assignment or something alike. You can try and beat your own records, try to beat your friends or try to win tournaments. You can play for fun or play because you’re bored. I enjoyed my experience with Fishing Sim World. It took a while to understand but once I worked that out I loved it.

Price – £29.99

Publisher / Developer – Dovetail Games

Review Code Supplied by Lick PR

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