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It’s not 1 day, not even 4 days, it’s not even a week, it’s a FORTNITE I know it is the cheesiest title you will ever see but I couldn’t help it and it was totally worth it, I might as well keep with the cheesiness and explain what is the best feature of the ..

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Fortnite – Xbox One Review

It’s not 1 day, not even 4 days, it’s not even a week, it’s a FORTNITE

I know it is the cheesiest title you will ever see but I couldn’t help it and it was totally worth it, I might as well keep with the cheesiness and explain what is the best feature of the game. In Fifa you have the ultimate team pack openings, in Call Of Duty we have crates to open, in Fortnite we get Llamas… yes you heard me right Llamas. They come in the form of a piñata and instead of using a baton we get to use swords, sledge hammers and axes to bash open the llama to earn super rewards from common revolvers to epic assault rifles and more.

From the developers of Bulletstorm and the very highly rated Gears Of War, People Can Fly have once again teamed up with Epic Games to bring us a zombie survival game like no other. It has a very cartoony look to it but don’t be fooled by the simple looks, this a very fast paced and challenging game. Released a couple of months ago Fortnite has several downloadable options from standard through to Founder, I think the most outstanding thing is the publishers are expected to get it free for all at some point in 2018 which is a plus for anybody.

You would be forgiven to think that Fortnite is similar to Minecraft with its 3×3 grid sculpting where you have to build walls, floors, roofs, and stairs around certain objectives because if the zombies get to it your done. I think it is also a bit like Fallout in the way you have to go around scavenging for items and I’m sure the building schematics are pretty similar as well. To bolster our defences we get three standard materials, like most scavenging games you get wood, stone, and metal. There are others which are obtainable which you can craft into weapons, trap materials and precious ammo.

Unfortunately so far Fortnite only has two game modes battle royale and save the world, the latter starts in a time where a storm hits and wipes out 98% of the worlds population and lucky you gets to be one of those survivors deemed special enough to survive the storm. Your main goal is to find other survivors and to prevent any future storms from happening. You can play as yourself or join others on your battle to survive against the husk (zombies), which is my personal preference because you soon run out of materials and ammo if you try it alone. To be fair you may find yourself building more then you will actually playing which is not good.

Battle royale is basically a free for all and is perfect if you love going outdoors and pitching test singing ging gang gooly by the fire whilst roasting marshmallows. It is you against 100 other players in a winner takes all battle of the campers. The aim is to be the last man standing and depending on which part of the map you decide to land on you have to go around finding weapons and kill other players, but there is a twist every few minutes you get a warning saying that there is a storm coming and suddenly a circle appears, if you aren’t inside that circle by the time the storm hits game over, the longer you survive the smaller the circle gets. Hence why camping in the middle has a huge advantage, find a weapon hide in a bush and shoot any unsuspecting passers by before they know what’s hit them.

Personally until they have worked out some of the bugs and crashes I would wait to download this game and maybe add a little more to. Don’t get me wrong it is a very fun little game but to be brutally honest I wouldn’t waste money on it with it expected to be free in 2018. Have fun zombie hunters hopefully you all survive the apocalypse.

Publisher: People Can Fly

Developer: Epic Games

Twitter: @FortniteGame @PCFPeopleCanFly @EpicGames

Standard Price: £34.99

Limited Edition Founders Pack: £119.99

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  1. Steven Millward 20th September 2017

    On September 26, Fortnite Battle Royale will be free for everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mac.

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