Our Xbox One Review of Fosmon Charging Station

Choosing a charging station for your xbox controllers can be one of the hardest choices if you are on a budget or if do not know what you are looking for. With so many options and different styles it can be hard to make your choice. Realistically you want a charging station with a decent charge time, long battery life and a good looking style. Fosmon offer all of these in one charging station and on top of that, it is only £19.99 (At time of writing it is currently on offer for £13.99). With 2 battery packs, all the cables necessary and a very easy set up, this charging station has it all.

As mentioned already when choosing a charging station the last thing you want is to be getting up every few hours to change the battery packs or to recharge. Well Fosmon provides you with 30-33 hours of play time. Meaning you can get lost in your gaming worlds without having to worry about too many interruptions. You would think that with it having such a long play time that it would take quite a while to charge. I didn’t find this a problem and was back to full charge very quickly!

With 2 battery packs there is obviously place to charge up to 2 controllers at once on the charging station itself. At the front of the charging station there is a couple of lights, one for each controller. When these lights flash it means the controller is charging. When it stays green it means that the controller is fully charged. Another positive about this hardware is that it comes in such a small box. There is definitely no space left in the box but it still manages to fit everything in and keep it all in a safe condition. Inside the box you will find everything you need, the charging station, 2 battery packs and all the necessary leads and wires. I have had personal experience in the past where I have order some hardware like this but all the necessary leads did not come with it. This is very frustrating and is definitely not professional so it is amazing to see that a company like Fosmon are looking after their customers and are all about a quick set-up.

It is extremely easy to set up and even easier to understand what is happening. Although there is not much customisation you can do yourself there is however a couple of colours to choose from. Black is the colour that I choose but you can also choose white. If you have white controllers or an Xbox One S this could look amazing sitting right next to it. It does not take up much room at all so you can simply slide it next to your xbox and you will not even notice that it is there.

Compared to other charging stations this is definitely one of my favourites. It is a decent price and the hardware itself is very professional and easy to set up. What’s not to like?

Price – £13.99 / £19.99

Fosmon Website – Fosmon

Review Hardware supplied by Fosmon


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