Free to play Overwatch this weekend!!

Overwatch getting a free to play weekend

That’s right folks you read that right Overwatch is free to play all weekend. If you haven’t played it yet then why the hell not? If you haven’t then this is the perfect opportunity to do so. From Friday the 16th you will get the chance to test out all 26 heroes and with 17 maps to explore it will definitely keep you or your kids occupied for at least 3 days of the half term.

Our reviewer at the time of release said “Overwatch is the most fun I have had gaming for a long time. It’s chock full of personality and shows just how much love Blizzard have put into the game.” You can read the full article here

If you decide you love the 2017 winner of best on going game then when the free or has ended go and buy it as all your progress will be saved. There has been a few updates and upgrades including 4k since release, so I’m sure you’ll be owning Overwatch by next week if you don’t already own it.

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