Get the edge this Christmas with Gioteck’s TX-50 stereo headset

Gioteck TX-50-HEADSET-PACKSHOT-minIncredible value, high-performance headset, compatible with all major gaming devices.

Get the edge in your online gaming this Christmas with Gioteck’s all-new TX-50 stereo headset. Available at only £29.99 * the TX-50 packs a punch and is compatible with all major gaming and mobile devices. Its sleek black and orange colourway and soft-touch, rubberised finish delivers the very best in style and comfort to gamers of all ages.

Over-ear soft Alacantara cushions allow for precise delivery of sound, blended with extreme comfort for long gaming sessions. 50mm high impact drivers enable you to track every footstep and the flexible metal mic guarantees that you and your team hear every command. Precision extender arms and perforated steel cups make sure that the TX-50 packs a punch both inside and out this Christmas.





See the TX-50 in action here

The TX-50 features:

50mm high impact drivers

Minimum feedback lucid chat

Tactile rubber finish

Alacantra cushioning

Robust build quality

Discreet inline control

RRP only £29.99

*prices may vary

  • TX-50-HEADSET-PACKSHOT-min.jpg
  • TX-50-ANGLE-MIC-v2-min.jpg
  • TX-50-ANGLE-MIC-v1-min.jpg
  • TX-50-SIDE-min.jpg
  • TX-50-TOP-min.jpg



Gioteck is one of the world’s leading gaming accessories brands. Established in 2008 and part of GoodBetterBest Ltd, Gioteck offers gaming and audio enthusiasts the latest and most innovative peripherals to improve their overall immersive experience. Its range of durable, reliable and stylish accessories are packed with the latest technology and support a range of gaming platforms. Gioteck has the technical know-how to understand what real gamers and audio enthusiasts need and want.


Affordable price points
Pro-gaming quality
Total ergonomic comfort


Robust build
Premium materials
Outstanding customer service 24/7



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