Gioteck TX-50 Headset Review

The Gioteck TX-50 is here, and is a quality budget headset

I must admit, I’ve had a fair share of headsets over the years. I remember back on the Xbox 360, being happy with the official Xbox over-ear one piece, as you could see, or being happy with the standard headsets that came with the consoles. It was only on Xbox One, did I decide to take the step to look around for different models outside of anything official Xbox. I’ve had Turtle Beaches which have been great, Lucidsound, which I have a pair currently at the moment that are really good, and this week, I’ve been lucky enough to get the chance to play around with a new headset, that comes from Gioteck, and that is their TX-50 model.

Gioteck launched their new TX-50 model towards the back-end of October, and is a premium style headset, that uses a 3.5mm jack cable to connect to different devices, making it for a headset that can be used across a variety of consoles, or PC. For the purpose of reviewing, and the fact I play on Xbox, Xbox is the console I have used it with.

The fact that it uses a 3.5mm audio cable, means that it is very quick and simple to set up. All it takes is to plug it into your controller (Providing you have a 3.5mm audio port on the controller – which all newer Xbox controllers do) and away you go. I believe it is the same on PC, and other devices – the only one that may take a bit of time to set up properly in the console settings is PS4 – But I haven’t tried that.

The first thing I noticed upon taking it out of the box, was how light it felt compared to other headsets I have used in the past, and this instantly leans it towards the good end of a headset. I’ve never personally liked headsets that have felt heavy, as I can spend a good few hours on an evening with a headset on immersed in a game, and I want something that is not going to give me a headache. The TX-50 is light and won’t lay a heavy feeling.

The design of the headset is good, and I personally like the orange and black design that Gioteck decided to go with. With an adjustable microphone that you can move further or closer away from your head, you can position the microphone and adjust the headset to your requirements. I’ve had headsets in the past where the microphone has just moved up and down, so offering the ability to move it further away is a good move.

Upon wearing the headset, not only does it feel light, which is good, but it is also super comfortable. It uses cushion style earpieces that sit over your ear, and snuggle nicely, offering a really comfortable feel. So far, the comfort ability of this headset has been second to none. Nice and light, and comfortable.

I have found myself wearing headsets whilst playing games a lot more often over the past few months, and a game that I find myself playing nearly every night at the moment that really utilizes using a headset is Call of Duty. The Gioteck TX-50 sounds really good. I can hear things really clearly, and I could hear the footsteps of my enemies as they  walked around the corner into an ambush. I always like a headset that offers quality sound, and yes, there are going to be headsets out there that offer better audio quality, but given the price that Gioteck have decided to launch their product with, then can be no complaints, and for the price, the audio quality on the TX-50 is really good.

You have the ability to mute your microphone easily too, using a switch on the cable that switches between mute and active. Nice and reachable and easy to do.

Perhaps a small criticism would be that I found myself taking a fair bit of time adjusting my settings on the console for the Audio so that my headset wasn’t echoing when it came to sitting in parties with friends. You may find the same issue, so do be prepared to play around with the Mic Monitoring and volume on both headset and console to find the right levels. But, nothing major and just something small that could have been avoided early on.

Overall, the Gioteck TX-50 is a headset that at it’s price, is an excellent one. I love the design of the headset, the comfort of the headset, the audio quality of the headset, and they are the three main things that I look for in a good one. At the price of £24.99, you can’t go wrong, and if you play across different consoles and PC, then you’ll be able to use this across all your devices, which make it a excellent product to have.

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