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Why does the chicken cross the road? To get into another Lego game. It’s Lego Ninjago Here at Absolute Xbox there are plenty of reviewers who love everything about Lego, Krusty loves building Lego, Chadji loves watching Lego (movies), and well myself i love playing Lego. So when i had the opportunity to play the ..

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The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game – Xbox One Review

Why does the chicken cross the road? To get into another Lego game. It’s Lego Ninjago

LEGO Ninjago - LogoHere at Absolute Xbox there are plenty of reviewers who love everything about Lego, Krusty loves building Lego, Chadji loves watching Lego (movies), and well myself i love playing Lego. So when i had the opportunity to play the Lego Ninjago Movie game, that put me with the bragging rights to all things Lego, well f or now anyway. Although i am very, very jealous of Krusty’s Lego Death Star!!

To tell you the truth i have never heard of the “Ninjago” series until playing this amazing little game and now my fists hungers for more. I wish to bring peace and prosperity to all. I didn’t always feel this way about this game, at the very first load up screen, the title screen flickered and it looked like it was going to be a retro game out of the 90’s but in the very first chapter i got to battle a Ninja Chicken, and fly a massive dragon that shoots missiles. Credit where credit is due, the developers Travellers Tales ( who have pretty much made every Lego Game in existence, and Crash Bandicoot) and the publishers Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have once again pulled another great Lego game out the bag. They have very strategically set the release date to coincide with the actual Lego Ninjago, the game is due to be released on 6th October 2017.LEGO Ninjago - Mystic

So you may be asking why the strange title? Well have you ever noticed that in every Lego game there is a chicken, every single one. I have no idea why its just one of those things i have noticed, i tried googling why but to no prevail. Personally i just think it’s there to cheer everyone up. But in this particular Lego game the chicken Is more prominent then ever, in fact (and this part i love) he is the first boss! But it aint no ordinary chicken he is a dojo master, an expert in art of Ninja and to be fair very surprisingly lethal.

A lot of you will be thinking, oh its the same old Lego game using the same old tricks, smash things, earn studs, collect bricks (maybe a quick look on YouTube to find those really hidden away bricks), defeat an over the top boss, game over. Rinse and repeat for 100% completion. I am not going to sit here and lie to you most of the above is true, the objectives are pretty much the same throughout any Lego game, but Lego Ninjago goes about it in a completely different way. Yes the main objective is to collect studs and bricks, and normally you possess both at the same time. For example in Lego Star Wars you had to collect so many studs per level to earn a gold brick, well in Ninjago that is not the case there is now an accumulative score and every time you reach a certain amount it gives you something. There are certain things you need to buy to progress so be prepared to see that score move up and down a lot.

LEGO Ninjago - WallJust like the chicken dojo master, there are several more dojos in free play where you have to test your skills to battle various enemies but the objective isn’t to just beat them you have to collect studs as well, the more you get the better as there is a medal system in place. Earn gold and you get more playable characters, which i think is a really fun way of doing things. Also in free play mode you will see little stations across the maps that you can interact with and when you do it brings a whole new aspect to the Lego World. It is a four player battle mode, which is really exciting. In the battle arena there are three separate modes there is Samurai Showdown (basically capture the flag, more flags you get, more points u get), Mystic Bounty (pretty much the same but with ancient artefacts) and finally Ultimate Ultimate Weapon the longer you have it the more points you get. There are 3 arenas in which to battle however it is only against computer not online but still very fun and new!

After every mission you get ninjanuity rewards and you get to select bonuses to help you on your mission personally i went straight for the extra studs and for enemies to drop more studs which really helped in the dojo battles but you can pick from extra health and longer stun phases as well as extra damage to help along the way. There are 21 of these overall. Also to help on your quest instead of the usual red bricks you get to collect ancient scrolls which unlock secret powers!!! Just kidding these do pretty much the same as a red brick would do in any Lego game.

With all this fun to be had i haven’t even got to story mode yet. The main plot is to beat an evil Lego villain called Garmadon who tries constantly to take over your little city and you and your fellow Ninjas have to try and stop him. (Spoiler alert one of them is his son). The second time you defeat him is my favourite one as you use the so called “ultimate weapon” to defeat him and it turns out to be a  laser pen for a giant cat…. AMAZING!!!

With over 110 playable characters all with different and exciting combinations to master, plot twists and amazing one liners this little beauty will definitely keep you occupied for hours upon end, don’t forget to smash and grab everything u can and just like every Lego game see a massive boost in your gamer score and have fun doing it.

Publisher: Travellers Tales

Developer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Twitter: @TTGames @wbgames

Price: £49.99

Game release 6th October 2017

Code supplied by ThinkJam

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