LucidSound LS25 eSports Gaming Headset Review

Our Review of the LS25 headset by Lucidsound

Headsets. We all have one. Many a time and many an evening is spent on Xbox Live, or the PSN, or the PC community talking to people and chatting with friends, and more so, being able to listen and experience a more immersive gaming style. You can buy a vast array of headsets, and I`m sure you`ll find something that`ll fit your budget. From something quite cheap and affordable like the Xbox official stereo headsets to something that is at the top end of the scale, like a pair of Astros, you`ll find something that fits your need, but ultimately, you want something that also, sounds good, is comfortable, and doesn’t break the bank in my opinion. Over the past few days, I`ve had the chance to use Lucidsound`s LS25 eSports Gaming headset, and in my opinion, is one of the best headsets I have ever used.

First thing`s first – the headset is universal, meaning that it is not tied to any console or platform, which is already a great feature and immediately stands out from other headsets that are specific for platform. I personally wish we started to see more and more of this in the future from new headsets and peripherals (And to be fair, I think we are starting to see that) and I`d like to be able to use it across both my Xbox and my PS, and I`m able to do that straight away with the LS25. Great opening feature. It`s advertised well on the box too.

In the box you`ll get the headset, a 3.5mm cable that connects from the Headset to your controller or Headphone port, and you`ll also get a PC splitter, which means for those gamers that want to split their audio and microphone, you`re going to be able to do so. Personally, I don’t game on a PC, so I`ve not had the chance to use that feature, but great move to include that in the box.

Upon opening it all and taking the headset out you`ll notice instantly how light it is, and this is reflected when wearing – it doesn’t fill heavy, and it`s not going to cause any discomfort after a long period of use, which is great news – I`ve used headsets before that have been slightly heavier and have caused discomfort after a while – but you don’t get that with this headset, and that`s always a good thing. It`s also incredibly comfortable. It uses memory foam cushions in the ear-pieces and has a nice cushion-style rim at the top, so it sits on your head nicely. One you`ve adjusted it you`re ready to go from a long gaming session. The memory foam ear-piece cushions are also nice and cancel out noise well too – which adds to the immersive experience, especially playing something that is immersive – use Hell blade for a fine example.

With it being an eSports headset and designed for eSports, there is no controls to mess around with dangling from your head – I`ve used headsets that have come with linear cables that have had buttons and controls in the cable or have some sort of control box in them – with these, they are really well outlined and engrained into the headset, and you can control the volume of your headset by turning the dial on the left-ear outside piece, and that works a charm. I`ll be honest in that I tend to do a lot of it from the Xbox itself (Which is what I predominantly have used this headset on) but it`s a great feature and once you get the hang of it, and remember it`s there – it will become part of using the headset.

Comfort is something we look for in a headset, when we are purchasing one. Is it going to be comfortable to where for long periods? Check. But, does it sound good? Is the sound quality excellent? You want a headset that also offers good audio, especially if you`re someone who uses your headset a lot for gaming and relies on the use of a headset for game audio instead of a sound-bar or TV for example. A game I always look to play with the headset on, is that of Hellblade: Senua`s Sacrifice, which is one of the best games for audio, and must be experienced on a headset, and my word, that sounds amazing. It comes across crystal clear, and mixed with the noise-cancelling ear pieces, you truly do get a fantastic immersive experience. Another game I frequently tried was Battlefield V, which I`m currently playing through. It sounds so realistic, and turn the volume right up, you truly feel part of the action. The LS25 offers great audio, and great comfort, and are two things already that have checked my list.

And how does it fare up when it comes to pricing? It currently retails on Amazon for £77.99. Now for some people, that`s probably going to be a bit out of their range that they`re looking to purchase at. But, what you are getting in that is a headset that can be used across virtually anything in terms of console and platform, meaning that you`ll be able to use the headset and not have to purchase different headsets for different consoles. A headset that offers excellent comfort for long term usage, and, something that offers you fantastic sound and audio, and will really immerse your gaming experiences. Lucid sound have created a great piece of hardware, and one that comes highly recommended.

Thank you to Snakebyte for the review sample

Amazon: £77.99


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