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Will You Be A Sheep Or A Goat? MADDEN NFL 18: G.O.A.T Edition. After winning his 5th Superbowl and breaking almost every record in the game for a quarter back it is only fair we start off with arguably the Greatest Of All Time Tom Brady. A fully deserved cover star after bringing the Patriots ..

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Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T Edition – Xbox One Review

Will You Be A Sheep Or A Goat? MADDEN NFL 18: G.O.A.T Edition.

After winning his 5th Superbowl and breaking almost every record in the game for a quarter back it is only fair we start off with arguably the Greatest Of All Time Tom Brady. A fully deserved cover star after bringing the Patriots back from the dead against the Falcons in what has to be one of the greatest comebacks the game has ever seen and proving once and for all that Tom Brady is a true great and will be classed as a legend of the NFL for many, many years.

So what a fitting time to release Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T Edition. Named after ex-professional footballer and hall of famer John Madden the game has taken almost a complete overhaul from previous years and I have got to tell you it looks good. Obviously Madden is an EA Sports game so naturally developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA Sports it is the latest instalment of the franchise which dates way back to 1993!

The most fascinating and probably exciting news is the change of engine the game now runs on, it now runs on the same Frostbite engine as Fifa 17 which saw a much needed boost in graphics, gameplay and pretty much everything else, and to no surprise saw a massive increase in revenue. The gameplay feels so much better and is a lot more intense which makes me as player feel more in to the game. It makes me nervous when I see 3/4 players running at me.

A lot of people will say the Madden series has gone too “Fifarised” but I only see that as a positive as it is the best selling franchises of all time so why not make it more like Fifa, if not better. Obviously like every sporting franchise you have the bog standard season mode or as madden like to call it franchise mode, which is basically picking a team and trying to win the Superbowl but this particular season mode has an option to play multiplayer, that’s right no longer must you suffer alone from season to season you get to work with others if you so desire which in my opinion is a massive plus. If you are new to the NFL franchise then you may want to hone your skills before taking on the big boys with skills trainer or open practice. Once you feel more confident in beating your opponents senseless then try your luck in the online head to head mode.

On the load up screen it will ask you to pick your favourite team (Dallas Cowboys all the way) and you can live play all their games week on week, or if u fancy playing the other teams you can do as well but who wants to play as anyone else right. Madden has its own ultimate which has the most single worst acronym of all time MUT! If you don’t get that then just watch an episode of celebrity juice. Apart from that it is again better the Fifa, in total their are over 850 different objectives alone to kick start your road to be the best, which is like a whole game by itself but on top of that you have MUT draft, seasons and MUT champions to earn the very best cards that’s what you need to play. There is a really helpful option id like to point out here if you are stuck on who to play and where on your team selection screen there’s an option that selects the best team overall or best chemistry, this option has saved my bacon more then once. Also in MUT there is one objective called Longshot which lets you boost a certain playable  character mentioned later in the review and you can boost him up all they to an 86ovr rating.

As it stands this is shaping up to be one of the best Maddens in history, but when you add in their version of the journey it just tops everything off. Before you all start no they are not the exact same thing as Fifas journey not by a “Longshot”. It is far better!!! They have dine the unthinkable and beaten it 1000 times over!! The story is more intense and makes you really feel for the character, the young starlet Devon Wade and his best mate Colt Cruise aim to be professional footballers and there is a lot to go through and it tests you ways a game mode has never tested you before. From running drills to answering questions about formations and everything in between on your quest to the NFL. Devon wade then becomes an available character selection for your Madden Ultimate Team as well as another hall of famer Dan Marino.

So the big question, is it any good? Simple answer hell yeah it is. It beats any sports game I have played before and if anything Fifa has a lot to do to reenergise itself as the most dominant sports game franchise. If you are not a fan of ultimate team I would say go for the standard edition, but choosing the G.O.A.T edition is a fantastic purchase, and costs a lot less then similar titles. Hope you faithful readers enjoy it as much as me.

Developer: Ea Tiburon

Publisher: Ea Sports



Standard Edition: £59.99

G.O.A.T Edition: £79.99

Many thanks to XCN for the review copy.

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