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Our Xbox One Review of Metal Wolf Chaos Once a game that was exclusive to the Japanese Original Xbox, Metal Wolf Chaos finally gets its Western release. Digital Devolver were shocked to find out that this game. That was made solely to tap into the mech scene and sell Xbox’s in Japan had actually become ..

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Metal Wolf Chaos – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Metal Wolf Chaos

Once a game that was exclusive to the Japanese Original Xbox, Metal Wolf Chaos finally gets its Western release. Digital Devolver were shocked to find out that this game. That was made solely to tap into the mech scene and sell Xbox’s in Japan had actually become a Cult classic and one of the most imported games for the original Xbox in the West.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD for the most part is just a HD remake of the original release.
This becomes evident when the game starts, whilst the models have been upscaled and polished you still have that early 2000’s polygonal look to the models and also the clunky movement animations.

The plot to this game can only be described as cheesy B- movie. You are the President of the United States and you must retake control of the country after falling foul to a military Coup- d’etat led by your own VICE PRESIDENT??!! You must recapture important cities and states to push back the enemy forces before a final battle in SPACE!!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is split into stages/Levels each one with a set objective normally blowing up a set number of enemy towers or blowing up a building like in Level 2. You are then scored on destruction and kill streaks. With a scoreboard at the end to record high scores and with Xbox Live you are able to see other people’s score.

As with most Mech games you are given an arsenal of weapons to complete your mission. At the start of every round you can pick up to eight of these weapons which include machine guns. Shotguns and rocket launchers. Whilst each gun has a limited ammo supply, ammo is easy enough to precure by destroying vehicles and towers; ammo will be dropped into the rubble. Along with ammo drops you will also find shield power-ups which act as a health restore.
With over 100 different combinations of weapons to choose from and the ability to change them at the start of every round you will have plenty of replay value from this.

Whilst all this sounds fun the game like many in this genre suffers from player burnout, whilst watching the explosions and killing enemies are fun to begin with. I started to feel bored as most of the surroundings and enemies started to repeat. In my opinion the best way to enjoy this game is in small half hour bursts get a few levels finished and take a break, that way you will be able to get the maximum amount of enjoyment from the game.

Like I said previously Metal Wolf Chaos XD is in essence a HD Remake and with that, new players who have never heard of this game before may be put off by its early 2000’s graphically aesthetic. Whilst the player character is large and detailed the enemies (infantry) are very small, yes this is show the size difference between your mech and a real person but with the upscaled effect it can at times come across as a blur. That also shows in the enemy tanks that have a certain amount of clipping when driving on roads.

Whilst there are some negatives the explosion effects and destructible environments work well and actually make you feel like your destroying a city are having an effect in the game.

The voice acting was unchanged from the original release, thankfully it was done well and didn’t take you out of the game as many original xbox game voice acting did. Every level is explained through a small cut scene conversation between the command officer and the president. Of course we are treated to some really cheesy one liners that fit the B-movie style very well and keeps the light-hearted theme going.
The music can be hit or miss depending on your overall taste. Normally you will have one track that repeats through a stage. The music fits a sort of rock/metal  (very American). This does compliment the action well, where the issue starts is the inconsistent volume and the fact that the music in places can be louder than the voices telling you where you need to go.
I personally turned the music off as I found it very distracting, but other people may enjoy it. It is really down to personal taste.

The controls are simple you use B to open the weapon menu and the triggers to cycle between each sides weapon choices. One you have decided you press B again and that locks the weapons. You have a dash/strafe ability using A to jump and then X to boost in a direction, this comes in handy when dodging enemy missiles and gives the game a quicker speed than most normal slow moving mech games. The character moves with the Left Analogue stick in a tank control motion which does take a while to get used too compared to a faster paced FPS like Battlefield or Far Cry. The tank controls really give the character a heavy feeling which is matched by the slower movement animations.

Overall Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a fun romp if played in short bursts. I don’t feel like it would be a game that would keep coming back to frequently but more of a game that I may play a bit of every few months.

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