Gameplay 3
Controls 3
Graphics & Audio 2
Value For Money 4
Longevity 1

Mochi Mochi Boy takes a simple idea, and basically, delivers a simple game with it.  There’s character, but very little in the way of story, but at least that lets you get straight into this bright and cheerful looking puzzler.  Mochi Mochi Boy is out playing with his friends when they carelessly wander into the ..

Summary 2.6 normal
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Mochi Mochi Boy – Xbox One Review

Mochi Mochi Boy takes a simple idea, and basically, delivers a simple game with it.  There’s character, but very little in the way of story, but at least that lets you get straight into this bright and cheerful looking puzzler.  Mochi Mochi Boy is out playing with his friends when they carelessly wander into the wrong place, and our hero’s slime friends are all kidnapped by the devil.  Being a loyal mate, Mochi Mochi Boy sets out to rescue his friends over 138 levels.  Thats as much as there is to the story, but with a budget game this basic, you can forgive a lack of depth in the narrative.

Mochi Mochi Boy has to move through each level like a long snake, covering every free tile until there are none left.  It starts off nice and easy and you’ll whizz through the first set of levels, but then extra mechanics are thrown in such as portals to other parts of the level, and things become a little more taxing.  As the difficulty ramps up you’ll have to work out your route in advance, as once you make a move you cant take it back, and will have to restart the level if you’ve got it wrong. Like a game of snake, you can’t cross back over your own body, so the old grey matter gets taxed once you get deep into the levels as there’s often only one correct solution.  You need to take note of the borders of the level, as you’ll come up against a solid border once you reach the edge, but there are exceptions that you need to spot as an open border means you can move off one side of the level and reappear on the opposite side.  This is a crucial tactic that needs to be taken advantage of when its there as it’ll inevitably be the key to completing the level.  If you’ve played Snake or variants thereof, you’ll spot the similarities in the mechanics, but with the emphasis being on testing you mentally rather than your timing and reactions.

Boot up the game and apart from the obvious Config (Settings) and Credits options, you can chose from Tower, Dungeon, Paint, and Gallery.  The gallery mode is where you go if you want to browse through all the different slimes you have found while playing through the levels.  The Paint option basically customises the appearance of Mochi Mochi Boy by changing his colour.  Tower and Dungeon are the modes of actually playing the game, with the former being the main game where you play each level in sequence, and the latter just lands you in levels selected at random.  That’s about it when it comes to depth of play, but for a reasonably cheap purchase price you cant really complain, you’re getting what you pay for.

The simplicity of the gameplay means you can get stuck in straight away, but it eventually means that boredom can set in once the repetitive nature of the levels has kicked in. Admittedly there are extra mechanics introduced at regular intervals to make the game more taxing, but that only temporarily papers over te cracks as you realise there isn’t much more to this game than solving the levels in the same way time and again.  There is a time limit on the levels but its not really something you’ll worry about as the limit more often than not is far too generous to be of concern.

As you come to expect from something that has come out of the Ratalaika Games stable, the achievements are very easy to pick up, and you’ll probably get the whole lot within about half an hour of starting.  This is a big selling point to those gamers that care about building up their Gamerscore, but the game is far from over once you gain the full the 100G, in fact you wont even be halfway through all the levels.

From a visual perspective, Mochi Mochi boy is bright, colourful and with a childish simplicity that suits its simple game play.  Its not sophisticated, there are no hidden depths or subtleties, and the overall style put me in mind of a cartoon for pre-school kids. The audio was just bloody irritating!  Its retro little ditties would’ve been bearable on their own, but the squeak that Mochi Mochi Boy makes every time he moves, and the creaking sound of the panel became annoying enough for me to turn the sound right down,

Mochi Mochi Boy is far from a bad game, there just isn’t much to it, but then when you’ve paid next to nothing for the privilege you can forgive this lack of depth.  It’s fun in very short bursts, and taxing enough to want to take on the challenge and get to the end.  The later levels belay the childish simplicity of its appearance, and at the very least it’s a few quid well spent to boost your Gamerscore.

Developer:  Pixelteriyaki

Publisher:  Ratalaika Games

Price:  £4.99


Huge Thanks to Ratalaika Games

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