Modern Warfare first DLC care package revealed

First Modern Warfare DLC drops next week

Modern Warfare launched towards the back end of last month and has done well since. With good reviews, and a feel-good refresh of the franchise, I personally have been really enjoying playing it. More so than any other Call of Duty title that has launched in previous years. One of the things that Activision had made clear early on was that all DLC was going to be free this year, and the ideology of a season pass had been binned off. Well, just now, we’ve had the official confirmation of the first season of DLC drops.

The first DLC season, which drops across all platforms on the 3rd December, will include the following:

  • Three new MP maps – all of which have been in previous Call of Duty titles and return
  • A new Ground War map
  • New Gunfight maps
  • Three new MP modes, which include Infected and another Gunfight mode
  • More Spec Ops experiences
  • Two new weapons

Some good content dropping there a month after launch. I’m looking forward to jumping back into some of those retro maps

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