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Crotch Rockets at the ready! Monster Energy Supercross is heading your way. I have been a massive fan of motorbikes most of my life, from driving my first moped at the age of 14 to then riding my first dirt bike and failing miserably at 15. I didn’t ride much then until I got my ..

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Monster Energy Supercross Xbox One Review

Crotch Rockets at the ready! Monster Energy Supercross is heading your way.

I have been a massive fan of motorbikes most of my life, from driving my first moped at the age of 14 to then riding my first dirt bike and failing miserably at 15. I didn’t ride much then until I got my CBC and got my very own Kawasaki Eliminator, it wasn’t a bike sitting at 125cc but it looked much bigger then that with it being a cruiser and it looked good. To be honest though because I was a rookie I was off the bike more then on it, and after my Medical discharge from the Army I am now unable to ride a motorbike ever again which sucks hard.

I have to be honest and say I don’t really follow Supercross as a sport and don’t really know too much about it, but I do know it is mainly an American based sport and that is where all the main sponsors and money for the sport is. The UK have been trying to break into sport with crowd funded arenas but there’s only so much we can do without sponsors.

The main man on the game is a gentleman called Ryan Dungey who is a multi time title winning champion in both AMA Supercross and Outdoor Motorcross, he is also in the all time top 10 for most things and most impressively 2nd in all time wins on the 450 circuit. I think in any other game i.e. FIFA he would be the prominent person but they have chosen 3 riders instead, but when you play the game you can clearly tell he’s the main, even more so when there is an achievement based around him.

So lets get on to the game, some really positive points and some not so positive but hopefully with continuous updates these problems should be fixed sooner rather then later. I’m going to start with the negatives in single player and multiplayer the game lags like hell especially if you are in anything more then 12 man race, it’s as though the game mechanics just can’t cope. It is a major issue and I’m not sure of the developers had a Beta test but this should have been resolved before release. It lags when there are too many racers on the screen or when the fireworks go off, it is very annoying. My second gripe is on the character customisation where there is only so much you can do which o will touch on in the positives, but my biggest problem is that there is no English flag! I mean what the hell…. they have Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and even Northern Ireland, but don’t worry English people we will give you Great Britain instead! Wow .. thanks. My last gripe is the track customisation and will probably contradict myself again in the positives, but there is only so much you can do, lack of options and availability really put a dampener on what would have been a success. If you make a mistake and you have gone quite far ahead you can’t go back and change it, you have to delete the whole track to the point of the mistake and try again. There is also no ley way on the track, just try and build a piece of track after a few curves and you will see what I mean.

They are my 3 biggest gripes but there are other annoying things such as being to able to re-start a championship, I found this out the hard way and now have to skip through the rest of the season before starting again. You should also be able to view what other people have designed “track wise” and be able to download them, but again I can’t find that option anywhere. There is a small issue with the online servers but it is new and we can cope with that.

So a lot of negatives and down points but at the same time it is a really decent game and shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. Fix all of the above faults and you get one hell of an experience. There isn’t another game out there that is like this with difficult jumps, turns, bridges and barriers. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed a motorbike style game until this. So much action and drama to keep you thrilled for a while, with online leader boards to keep track of your best times compared to everybody else and the ability to create your own track (I have made 2 so far) and let other people try them is great for the replay value. Career could do with a bot of work and could get us more involved with our very own customisable character, and probably a European circuit or two wouldn’t go amiss. I suppose the target base is America as I said earlier it is hugely popular over their. I love the fact you can create your own clothing by choosing your own sponsor and personal style, but I would have liked an option where you could create your own emblem or even clothing for that personal touch, and same goes for the bike as well.

Is it a game I would recommend? Yes would I buy it? At this moment in time no. Would I buy it? if all kinks where ironed out? Definitely, but it will be a few updates before that happens. Is it a game that can go far? Yes, but there’s a lot of work ahead and probably released a bit too soon.

I hope I have helped you on your path to glory and there’s no doubt I will be playing Monster Energy Supercross quite a lot over the next few weeks, creating all sorts of weird and wacky tracks and I hope you guys will soon. Until then make sure you stay upright on those two wheels of yours not like me…….

Developer: Milestone S.r.I.

Publisher: Milestine S.r.I

Twitter: @MonsterEnergy @MilestoneUk


Price: £49.99

Review code supplied by Koch Media

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