Next Backwards Compatibility reveal in January

Team behind Backwards Compatibility are now on their holidays

It`s a Tuesday, and normally, alongside the Deals with Gold that are revealed, we get the first half of the week’s Backwards Compatible title reveals, as we find out which games are going to be joining the scheme next. But this week, that will not be the case, as the team being it are now on their holidays until the new-year. Major Nelson confirmed the news yesterday, and the team will be back in the New Year giving us titles galore to the scheme.

Nelson also revealed some impressive stats for this year in what we have had in terms of titles, and it has broken down to 136 Xbox 360 titles, 13 Original Xbox titles, and 7 titles that have been enhanced for Xbox One X.

With the team now off to the New Year, what would you like to see hit the backwards compatible scheme in the New Year? Personally, I`d love to see Modern Warfare 2 (Although I`ve heard a rumour that a remaster may be coming next year wink wink) as it was one of my favourite titles on the 360. Blur is another one that I`m hoping gets to join the program.

Let us know what you`d like to see in the New Year.


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