No Mans Sky: Visions Update Releases

It’s that time again, the time to wipe off the dust and cobwebs from No Mans Sky. Yes, Hello Games have updated their co-op survival sandbox once again, and it looks genuinely promising.  With new flora and different features, this update adds a lot of new stuff.

It feels like we’ve waited a long time for No Mans Sky to live up to what it was originally intended to be. We seem to be getting there, but In my opinion it’s still a long way off. The new “Visions” update has a host of new features, with an impressive trailer to top it off. We’re going to go through and break down the trailer to see what it offers.

It seems that there will now be an increased amount of variety in the procedurally generated worlds. This may mean more complex terrain, or an increase in bizarre planets (which No Mans Sky has plenty of). You can now find “rare” artifacts from different planets and keep them as trophies. I say “rare” as the player in the video is surrounded by these things. They look suspiciously odd.  

You can now explore crashed freighters on certain planets. This was something I thought you could do already…perhaps the focus this time is that they are procedurally generated? Not sure on that. On the subject, is everything in this game procedurally generated? I know the systems, planets, fauna and flora are. It makes you think how much of a game would be left if they took out all of the procedurally generated stuff. Planets are now apparently more varied and more colourful, according to the trailer. This is then followed by a ball-bag looking plant, expanding and blowing up.

Creepy-weird-sand-creeping-looking-monster-things. Yes. Those now exist. Dubbed “other wordly new lifeforms” the player is seen being chased by what seems to be a shard creature of sorts, scurrying through the ground and no not in a glitchy way (for once). It’s not too clear what this is, but by the look of it, it doesn’t look very friendly. By the sounds of it they’ve ramped up the amount of creatures you can find on the planets you explore. Does this mean more disasters of nature? Are we going to see the likes of a mammoth with butterfly wings again? We hope not, but really hope so at the same time.

They’ve added more debris of alien technology for you to find and pickup. This looks a lot like the alien technology you can find already in the game. Will these have any use outside of trading? We’re a little skeptic of this, but it should come as a welcome addition…as who doesn’t like free loot? Speaking of finding stuff, you can now find the remains of ancient life forms underneath the surface of some planets. This is remarkable. Could we start to see of an ancient civilization that existed long before the current factions? I have many, many questions.

Some more features include: community missions now share XP globally. Which begs the question as to why they didn’t in the first place. Not to mention….RAINBOWS! We got to have rainbows in our game. Is what I imagined Sean Murray said on a pretty hard Saturday night.

There are some new materials to be found, namely crystal looking things found on hazardous planets. Now you can launch fireworks and a new motorbike looking vehicle is in the game… inf fairness, that’s quite the amount of stuff they’ve added.

Hello Games are doing a pretty alright job at patching No Mans Sky up. With every update, it’s starting to feel closer and closer to what we thought No Mans Sky originally was. Granted it’s a long way off, but this update seems to do a good job at heightening the visual experience. I’m excited to see where they’ll take No Mans Sky, I have big hopes for it, but at the same time I’m worried. I’m worried it may never live up to the colossal hype it had back in 2016. But it’s a step in the right direction and it’s certainly tempted me into reinstalling it and trying out again.

The No Mans Sky Visions update is out now, a free update for all those who own the game. For more news and information regarding anything in the gaming industry, keep updated with Absolute Xbox and follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

No Mans Sky Price – £39.99

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