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Our review of Onrush for Xbox One When I first touched Onrush, about a month ago in the beta, It was a game that I wasn’t personally holding out a lot of hope for. I couldn’t get to grips with the game, and the style for me just wasn’t making. It had felt like a ..

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Onrush – Xbox One Review

Our review of Onrush for Xbox One

When I first touched Onrush, about a month ago in the beta, It was a game that I wasn’t personally holding out a lot of hope for. I couldn’t get to grips with the game, and the style for me just wasn’t making. It had felt like a shame because it had been a game that I had been really looking forward too. How does that saying go? A beta feel can be pretty different from the final game you play, and for me, that was about to be quite true. Onrush released this week on console, was it about to be a game that I was going to fall in love with? Or was it a game that I was going to carry on my dislike from the beta? I mentioned about the game and beta having different feelings towards each one of them, and that is quite right. I absolutely love the game.

Onrush is developed by Codemasters (Who are known for their racing games in the past, most notably the F1 franchise) and published by Deep Silver, and released this week on consoles and a PC version is set for a later date. Described as an arcadic style vehicle combat racer, across a range of different game modes, you`ll get the chance to wipe outs vehicles as you make your way to the finish line, all while gather points that can be obtained by completing in-race challenges. These points result in your XP going up, and unlocks further races as the game goes on. Every level you earn XP, you`ll gain a gear box which will include a variety of different goods, including skins for your vehicles and even stunt showboats, that your character can perform mid-race, especially if on a bike. You can play either on your own or in the madness of online (There`s currently quick race enabled which`ll put you straight into a game with other people, and trust me, playing with other human racers is complete carnage) and ranked online matches are going to be coming at a later date. So, you have a variety of race modes, the ability to go online and cause carnage and really cause mayhem. It has the makings for a very good racer.

The first thing you`ll notice from jumping into a game is the graphics. The game is Xbox One X enhanced, meaning that if you have a X console, then you`re going to see some fine graphics. The skies appear to be brighter and clearer, and the use of HDR is good. It`s nice because although the gameplay is always what makes or breaks a game, the graphics are another part of it, and it`s always nice to see when games take more advantage of the current hardware that is out there. I couldn’t tell you how it looked on a standard S console, but on an X console, it looks very nice.

After jumping straight into the game, I was about to get my shot at the first mode I was going to come across, and that was one of Overdrive. Throughout the race, you`ll see your boost bar fill up. Think of it like a nitrous bar for those who have played either racers, like Need for Speed. The more boost your team had and gathered, the quicker your team`s points went up. Whichever team got to the certain points mode the quickest would win that round. Over three rounds (Which could be ended after two if one team won the first two rounds) you would have to take as much boost as you possibly could to win. That is of course, whilst using the boost you`ve gathered, to speed round the track, and of course, wipe out enemies. There was nothing more satistifying going around a corner and “accidentally” taking one of your opposition out.. Who am I kidding, it was so fun, and one of the things I didn’t like about the beta, I was starting to fall in love with.

In addition to a range of race modes on offer, you have a range of vehicles to choose from. These includes bikes, quad bikes, and heavy vehicles. But, each vehicle, has its own special ability – over the course of a race you`ll fill up a bar that is known as your rush bar. Once your rush bar hits 100% its time to unleash that onrush and wipe out as many vehicles as you can. Each vehicle is unique, and could include destroying vehicles as soon as they are touched, realising a sort of black smoke to those behind you obscuring their vision and possibly sending them spinning into a wall, and a range of other really unique and cool power-ups. Think of them as power-ups, powering up the bar throughout the race, and being able to use it once live causing carnage. It means playing through all of the vehicles in the game to be able to experience each of their abilities. One of the game modes, Switch, actually will force you to use another vehicle should you die and need to respawn. For me, it adds to the fun element of the game, and you might think of a similarity to Mario Kart, and for me, one of the best racing games ever on Xbox, Blur.

At the start of the game, and jumping into it, I found it was quite easy as you get to grips with Onrush and the way the game plays and the different race modes – But you`ll find as the game goes on the more difficult you`ll find yourself in races, and perhaps, not winning them as much as you were at the start. It`s almost like a progressive difficulty setting rather than anything else, and is quite nice. I`ve played racers in the past where they`ve been really difficult to get to grips with in terms of the difficulty and the way the game plays, but Onrush is really nice to handle and is easily a pick-up game. It feels really fluid too, which is always excellent for a racer, because the last thing anyone particularly wants is a racer than isn’t fluid and is plagued with issues.

Controls are not going to be a problem throughout, and they are standard controls that if you`ve played any other racer, then you`ll know like the back of your hand. There isn’t anything that` going to be difficult, and isn’t a game that you`ll struggle to pick up and play.

Going online is another experience that can be very fun yet quite demanding at the same time. I perhaps would suggest hold off going online until you’ve played a bit of the campaign-style mode (Where you work through a range of different race modes and events and earn the XP on in-race objectives – these then open up more later on) so you get to grips with what each race mode is, what the mode requires you to do, and to obviously get to grips with the game itself. Online gameplay will not hold you any mercy, and neither will any other racers as they race to wipe all your team out and win for themselves. Ranked online matches will be coming in the future, and it`ll be interesting to see whether anything in terms of e-sports make their way into Onrush, because it`s easily a game that would support it.

Onrush is a game that I am loving so far, and is easily one of my favourite games this year. The arcadic racer that`ll bring some memories back for gamers from other games in terms of the style and gameplay. It`s easily one of the most enjoyable and fun games I`ve played for a while, and I think Codemasters have done a cracking job with it. Get yourself on your store, whether that`s Xbox or PS, and get it downloaded, you`ll be doing yourself a great one.

Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters
Website: ONRUSH
Twitter: @Codemasters / @onrushgame 

Price: £54.99 / £64.99

Review code supplied by Koch Media

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