Overcooked 2: DLC – Surf `N` Turf Review

Our review of the Surf N Turf DLC for Overcooked 2

I do love games that are quite unique in how they play and what they are. I don’t think there`s quite like a game like Overcooked out there in terms of the co-operation needed throughout and the shear amount of fun you have playing with a friend or someone. Overcooked 2 launched earlier this year (And you can find our review of that HERE) and is a great fun ID title, brought out by the team at Team17. A few months after launch, we`ve had a new piece of DLC hit for the game, and it comes in the form of Surf and Turf. Adding 12 new story levels, how would it fare? Well, it`s a great bit of DLC.

Surf `n` Turf takes you to the beach and a tropical surroundings, as over 12 new story levels, across three worlds, you`ll need to work together with someone or play through as a solo chef (Although unless you`re pretty damn good at the game I wouldn’t recommend it – besides, it`s a hell lot more fun playing with someone) to complete a range of dishes and get them out and served to earn points. The more dishes you complete in a row without failing, the more points you can earn. The points will then earn you stars, and there are 3 stars to collect per level. If you manage to 3 star every level in each world of the DLC, then there is a nice achievement for each world for you to unlock.

If you thought the main story and portion of the game was easy, throughout, then you`ll be in for a bit of a challenge with the DLC, as I found it quite challenging, both as a solo player and playing through with someone. Some of the levels are easy and once you get the hang of a technique and rhythm you`ll be okay, but some of them are challenging and will take some time to 3 star them. New apparatus is included in Surf `N` Turf, including the use of a water gun (This will replace the traditional washing up dishes and glasses using the sink and is a much quicker way to do so) and the use of a bellow which will help heat up the BBQs used to cook food in some of the levels – resulting in quicker cooking and serving times.

Surf `N` Turf offers a great DLC offering for those who were fans of the game and want something a bit more challenged, although not offering anything that`s going to be impossible. Some of the levels are quite fun and easy, and some are a bit more challenging and will take a few attempts, especially if you`re in a quest to 3 star every single level. But, the DLC does continue the fun and enjoyment you got out of the main portion of the game, and at a small price too, it`s a bit of a no-brainer really.

Many thanks to Team17 for the Surf `N` Turf DLC code.

Developer: Ghost Town Games
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd.
Website: Overcooked 2
Twitter: @Team17Ltd  / @Overcookedgame

Price: £4.79

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