Epic Mickey 2 Review

It’s difficult for me to accept Mickey Mouse as anything more than Disney’s main mascot.  I’m more than aware of the history of the Mouse, and it’s because of that I feel that he only belongs in old cartoons, and in the form of a fun family friendly full bodied costume walking around the Disney ..

Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Review

I must admit to never having heard of Zone Of The Enders prior to taking this collection to review. It wasn’t until the game arrived that I then realised I had actually heard of it but under its shortened name of ZOE. Not that I had any inkling of what to expect. The main reason ..

VGA Awards live online and Xbox Live

  Xbox LIVE Gold members can watch the 10th Annual Video Game Awards, hosted by Samuel L. Jackson later tonight LIVE. The show kicks off at 2am GMT – but you’ll be able to watch it on-demand, all weekend if you don’t feel like staying up late. There is a Smartglass app for the event ..

Toy Story Mania – The Review

Toooo Infinity! AND BEYOND! Those are the words that always cross my mind when I think of Toy Story. Woody may be the lead character in the movie but everyone’s favourite is mostly Buzz Light Year. He’s the cool guy. Yes, a series of movies that I really enjoyed and I’m pretty sure most adults ..

Rise of the Guardians (Review)

To coincide with the latest movie release Rise of the Guardians, Torus Games have developed a video game of the same name. Movie tie-in games are usually hit and miss for me, however as this is aimed at kids it’ll no doubt go down well for those who have seen it. So shall we see ..

Call of Duty – Black Ops 2 Review

So the king is dead, long live the king. The throne now departed but kept warm by old Modern Warfare 3 as in rides Black Ops II amid fanfares and falling confetti. Arriving amid the same tired promises of evolution within gaming’s biggest franchise, reading from the same worn, yellowed pages of the Call of ..

Far Cry 3 Launch Trailer With Spoilers

Hot on the heels of one of this years most anticipated games, Far Cry 3 has a brand new 10 minute launch trailer for you to get your teeth into. Beware as this trailer will contain spoilers. Far Cry 3 takes you beyond the reach of civilization to a mysterious island overrun with violence and ..

Zumba Fitness Core Review

Kinect is a remarkable piece of tech but where it really comes into it’s own is with dance/fitness games. Zumba, an energizing dance-fitness experience hit the limelight a decade back but probably first became known to gamers in 2010 with Zumba Fitness, one of the first games to take advantage of the Kinect technology. The ..

Family Guy – Back To The Multiverse (Review)

When I heard that a Family Guy video game was in production I became instantly excited due to my obsession with the long running TV show that almost always hits my funny bone. Seeing it was developed by Heavy Iron Studios, whom I recognise from my playing sessions on Spongebob Truth or Square” and “Up”, ..

Hitman Absolution – The Review

  Hello folks! Welcome to another review from us here at AbsoluteGaming.co.uk! And we certainly have a big one today! As the title says, it’s Hitman Absolution! Developed by the Danish company IO Interactive and published by Square Enix, this will be the Fifth game in the series which kick started back in 2000 with ..

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Review)

When you think of a fun racer that’s suitable and enjoyable for all the family there’s usually only one real option, which involves a popular Italian plumber. Well Sega had tried to add themselves to the mix with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing back in 2010; however it was seen by a few as a ..

Lego Lord of the Rings Review

The Lord of the Rings is the perfect game to get the Lego treatment, and now that the Lego games have ventured into an open world territory, it has never made more sense do it.  Lego Lord of The Rings covers all 3 films, from the start at The Shire, all the way to Mount ..

Midway Arcade Origins Review

Does size matter? If so, Midway Arcade Origins is going to be a bit of a letdown. I get all new games installed on my 360 hard drive before playing and most take a good 5-10 minutes to get installed. Origins was done in 20 seconds. I guess that’s what happens when you go retro! ..

Best friends

Best friends

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Alarm Fur Cobra 11 – Hands On!

Alarm Fur Cobra 11: Undercover aims to hit the fast lane in the driving genre as the fifth in the Crash Time series of games. And you know what, it’s a quite incredible game. Never before, or at least as far as I can remember, has a game left me wanting to punch holes in ..

Kinect Sports Gems Is Here!

Kinect Sports Gems was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace this week. These are a selection of new bite-sized games from the developers of Kinect Sports. They can be picked up individually for just 240 MSP apiece starting from November 20th. But that’s not all they wanted to do with the Gems format. Each event ..