Titanfall: Frontier’s Edge Dig Site Unveiled

  Barely a week has passed since the announcement of Titanfalls second DLC map pack, Frontiers Edge. Now brand new details are already emerging on Respawns official website regarding the Dig Site map

Another Great Giveaway Courtesy of Orb Accessories!

Listen up good people of AG. We have another prize give away courtesy of the lovely people at Orb Accessories They have supplied us with some great prizes for this month and if you havent already then check out our Twitter feed for what our winners had to say. So how can I win one ..

Xbox One CL1 End Of Season Review

First of all spare a thought for Tuzza at his age it’s hard for him to see properly and this probably contributed to his measly 6 points, although he did have a rubbish team, anyway back to that later As usual DanLH16 and Aaronc333 were squaring up with their *ahem* controllers in their hand, where ..

Xbox One CL3 End Of Season Review

It’s been quite a controversial season with Harry taking the over  from Colin who was sacked and also Hunter finished in disgrace with him found guilty of match fixing Firstly Zultan finished top and only conceded 19 goals, a well done to him, clinched the title in a dramatic last day but a well deserved ..

New Titanfall DLC Incoming

Frontiers Edge is Titanfall’s second downloadable map pack once again breathing new life into the first person shooter. The first DLC pack included new game modes, Titan insignia’s, Titan burn cards, new achievements (eventually) and various tweaks to weaponry and game modes. Will we see such an effort with this new DLC?

Alien: Isolation preview

  Alien Isolation from The Creative Assembly is a survival horror stealth game (their description not mine) set in the Alien universe made famous by the classic Ridley Scott film. You are placed in the shoes of Amanda Ripley/McClaren who is investigating the disappearance of her mother Ellen Ripley from the original Alien films. Set ..

Evolve being built to support DLC like no other game.

Every so often a game comes along that grabs you by the throat and demands your attention. Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios is one such game. Since its unveiling back in February 2014 I have devoured every single scrap of information I could get my hands on

X1 International League Review

International League, bloody hell. Never a dull ending. We’ve seen some dramatic finishes over the years here on AG, but, I think this one tops the lot. We went into the final fixtures with two men battling it out for the title. M4ST3R KK lead the way, 3 points clear of his nearest rival, T00NKEV ..

Le Tour De France 2014 Xbox 360 Review

  Tour De France is rapidly becoming a bigger sport every year.  This year there were record numbers of fans and to top it off the weather was beautiful, resulting in some very picturesque scenery.  I’ve never really watched the Tour De France until seeing clips of this years race incidents on the news, so ..

MotoGP 14 Xbox 360 Review

  I’m used to racing cars rather than bikes so this game did take a little while to get used to, but it’s worth it. I expected this to be similar to the F1 games but with Superbikes instead of cars, looking at a screenshot would give you that impression, but racing on two wheels ..

Zombie Driver Review

Zombie Driver is one of the most simplistic that you could come across, the latest in the line of ID @Xbox games; Zombie Driver consists of several repeating concepts throughout the game which is executed well throughout the duration of your challenge to explore and investigate through combat the small town

End Of Season Review – Club League 2 XB1

Let’s start off with the two that gained automatic promotion Myself I finished top of the league suffering only 1 defeat this season, being Newcastle was brilliant knew exactly how to set up the team. The game that stands out as the title clincher had to be the 5-4 win over Club Brugge once that ..

Member of the Month Award – June 2014

As you know every month we run a Member of The Month award. Admins get together to discuss which member has been active around the site in almost every aspect. That member will then take home the converted prize award as well as some currency goodies. StunningDave II Zultan II and organicword76 all came very ..

Another World Review

  Another World originally released by Delphine Software in 1991 gets a new lease of life with the release of the 20th anniversary edition via Digital Lounge on Xbox One. But has this classic stood the test of time? I cannot even begin to describe my feelings the minute I loaded up Another World and ..

FIFA Monthly Tournament June Prize Winners

Last month we gave every member who entered the FIFA June Monthly Tournament a chance to win a great prize. You could also boost your chances by entering our TFI Friday Cups. We were giving away a copy of Xbox One Ryse Son of Rome and an Xbox 360 copy of Plants vs Zombies. Well ..

Sniper Elite 3

Note: this review of the game is based on the ‘Sniper Elite’ difficulty setting. As such, any complaints made about constant deaths and being spotted can be measured against my lack of skill. I died a lot. Sniper Elite 3 is a game that rewards patience. Rushing into any confrontation is as good as a ..