Responsive Layout

Responsive design at its most elementary definition is simply the use of css media queries and some javascript to rearrange a website’s layout to fit multiple screen sizes. This can range from a wide screen monitor down to the smallest of smart phones. It is done all through the same site, same installation, sharing the ..

Page, Column and Row Widths

Fixed or Fluid Width This template has the ability to set the entire width of your set to either a fixed pixel width or a fluid percentage width. You can set the width to any size you want. Be sure to check out the responsive layout page to see how the layout below is constructed ..


For a tutorial on how to setup this script be sure to view the Vertex Guide on our Tutorials page. Features: Supports a range of multimedia formats: images, flash, video, mp3s, html! Auto detects formats or you can specify the format Html descriptions Enable/Disable page overlay when multibox pops up (via template parameters) Enable/Disable controls ..

Module Positions and Styles

Be sure to check out the responsive layout page to see how the layout below is constructed on multiple screen sizes Module Features Related To This Template: 1. The gap between modules can be changed from 0px to 30px in the Vertex admin. 2. The first word of some modules uses the highlight color, this ..

Menu Scroll To Section

This template includes a scroll to feature that will scroll your page to a specified section of your site. All you have to do is create an external link in your menu manager and then in the URL area enter in any ID on your page. You can reference any of the following IDs in ..

Login and Register Setup

The S5 Box can be demo'd by clicking on either the Login or Register buttons found towards the top of this page. The module allows for up to 10 different S5 Box's on one page all via 10 module positions. You simply add a class to any HTML element on your site and enable the ..

Lazy Load Images

The lazy load script is a great way to save bandwidth and load your pages much faster. Images that are not visible on the initial page load are not loaded or downloaded until they come into the main viewing area. Once an image comes into view it is then downloaded and faded into visibility. Scroll ..

Installing The Template

Download the installation package from our download section. Once the download is complete go to the backend of Joomla. Navigate through your menu system to Extensions/Extensions Manager.                      Once at the installation screen click the browse button and navigate to where you downloaded the template file. Once you have the file selected click 'Upload File ..

Info Slide

The info slide script is a great way to display your content to your customers! It will place a sliding text box over any image on the page. It can be placed inside of content or modules. It will also automatically adjust to any size screen size on window resize. See below for a demonstration. ..

IE7 and 8 CSS3 Support

This template includes limited support of CSS3 for IE7 and IE8. With the power of css3, websites can now be built much faster and with far less code. Design features such as gradients or shadows that used to be created and then called as images on the page are now simply called by css code. ..

How To Setup the Search Box and Menus

How To Setup the Search Box and Menus

1. Search Setup Simply publish the default Joomla search module to the search position. 2. Column Menu Setup Publish any menu module to the main body module positions on your site. There should be no menu style suffixes applied under advanced parameters. The menu style should be set to list. 3. Bottom, Custom_1 and Custom_2 ..

Hide Divs, Content, and Modules

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when designing a responsive layout site is that not all content, images and extensions were designed to work with responsive layouts. That means that sometimes you need the ability to hide a specific element on only certain sized screens, so that something doesn’t break the site’s layout and ..

Hide Article Component Area

Did you ever need to create a page where this is no article present or no component to be shown, and only load modules? This template makes it all possible! From the template configuration page you can hide the main content area on any page on the site. Below is a screenshot of this function ..

Google Fonts Enabled

Do you want your own custom font? Not a problem, this template comes with Google Fonts enabled, allowing you to pick from over a dozen font families for your website. In the template parameters area of the template you can choose your own custom font, and preview it from the Vertex interface. Below are some ..

Fixed Side Tabs

This template includes a “Fixed Tab” option that you can enable and publish on your site and will show in a fixed position on either the left or right side of the screen. The great feature about the fixed tabs is that you can enter any text you desire and the text is automatically flipped ..

Built In File Compression

Increase speed and performance by compressing core template CSS and Javascript files to much smaller sizes than the original! Enabling compression is a great way to boost your site’s performance. It simply combines css and js into consolidated files. This reduces the downloads sizes and reduces the numbers of calls to your server, to dramatically ..