Black Ops gets double XP weekend for Escalation DLC

Treyarch is planning another double XP weekend to tie in with the launch of the Escalation DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The double XP is due to start on Friday May 6 and finish on Monday May 9. The Escalation DLC is set to release on May 3 and will feature 4 new competitive ..

Exclusive Q&A with Patrick Bach: Battlefield 3

We have an awesome Q&A for you guys. It’s with Patrick Bach, Executive Producer on Battlefield 3. 1.    With the time between game releases getting shorter, what would you say to critics who believe the shorter times are stifling innovation and encouraging products which follow expected tried and trusted formulas? Yes and no. I would ..

FIFA 11 Warm Up Week

If your taking part in this coming weekends XCN prize give away events then you can warm up with some great FIFA tournaments this coming week. On Tuesday we will be running a FIFA 1 vs 1 tournament. Sign up will open in the forums at 7.30pm and we will be kicking off at 9pm. ..

Call of Duty: Black Ops Map Pack

Here is some information on the latest installment from CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS. Following on from FIRST STRIKE comes ESCALATION, the latest add on pack available to download. Below is a short analysis of the the expansion pack contains: “Escalation”, the second downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, contains 5 all-new ..

The making of Gears of War 3 – Vidoc

So Gears 3 is on the tip of a lot of gamer’s tongues right now, especially as the beta is right around the corner – but just how different will the multiplayer be compared to the previous games? and just how much spit and polish has gone into the new game? well see for yourself ..

XCN FIFA Prize Tournament

AbsoluteGaming has been selected by XCN to run 2 nightly tournaments on FIFA 11 for its members. Not only will we be doing that but we will be offering every member who takes part a chance to win some great prizes that are offer courtesy of Xbox Community Network. Before I tell you more about ..

Consistency Wins F1 Title Race!

As our F1 Grand Prix comes to an end we can reflect on those classic battles, won and lost on the last corners. The ones who stormed into an early lead never to be caught, those who crashed out early on or get themselves DQ’d time and time again (wrx we won’t forget you). Over ..

FIFA 2 vs 2 Prize Draw

As we moved over to the new site, AG offered its members a chance to win a prize during the March FIFA 2 vs 2 tournaments. First of all before I announce the winner id like to say well done to all those who took part. The first event took place on 17th March. A ..

Child of Eden – motion controls video

The eagerly awaited Child of Eden could be the first BIG title for Kinect but how exactly will you ‘control’ the game? Well check out the video below, which shows off some of the motion movements that you can make to control the crazy looking world of Eden

Xbox LIVE Extreme Shopping!

All the titles listed below and now part of some super epic sale of doom that now going on within the Xbox Live Marketplace. Click Here to go to view all the deals on Arcade Titles 3D Ultra MiniGolf 2 – 400 MSP A Kingdom for Keflings – 400 MSP After Burner Climax – ..

Carnival Games trailer

Ok so forget the title and just watch this trailer because this actually looks like it could be alot of fun. Ok so it is childish, but once in a while its nice to just put the guns down and play something completly childish and fun, besides its on Kinect so it could actually work ..

Exclusive Q&A with Rex Dickson and Rich Carillo: Homefront

Check out what Rex Dickson, Lead Level Designer and Rich Carillo, Multiplayer Game Designer had to say about their new game, Homefront. 1. What would you say are the main features distinguishing Homefront’s single player campaign from other modern FPSes? Rex:  The one thing that really sets Homefront apart in singleplayer is in its depiction ..

Coming up – April

Here’s a look at the Event Schedule for next month – April 1st April: TFI Friday – One night knockout competition on FIFA 11 ran every 2 weeks. 2nd April: Retro Gaming Blur – Racing madness on Blur where anyone can win a race at anytime in the race. 9th April: F1 The Final Battle ..

Season 8 Kick Off

Its finally here. After a frantic few days with the auctions season 8 will kick of Saturday. This season auction saw more attempted dirty buy outs than ever. Emotional Worm trying so desperately to buy Jeff’s USA was the highlight and not to forget Jeff’s sneaky attempt in trying to buy the mighty Gazgrass out. ..

XCN FIFA Tournaments

Welcome to the XCN FIFA 11 tournaments hosted by AbsoluteGaming. Below you will find all details regarding this great tournament we will be hosting in April. AG will be hosting 2 tournaments on the nights of 23rd and 24th of April. Initial sign up for both tournaments will open in our forums on the 13th ..

Exclusive Dragon Age 2 Q&A

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of Dragon Age 2 then quench your blood lust with our exclusive Q&A with EA. 1.     Are you preparing any additional content after the release of the game? We’ve already announced two downloadable content packs for Dragon Age II – The Exiled Prince, and The Black Emporium – ..